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New to me Used Lang

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I found this onilne yesterday finally got in touch with the guy last night and went this morning to look and it followed me home biggrin.gif It is about 4-5 years old and needs a good cleaning, the tail light wires put into clips, and maybe some paint. He had a custom bottom rack made but also gave me the originals. It is the model 84 with warming cabinet. Sorry Johnnie I had to buy it.

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Great score Piney!
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Congrats! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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congratulations, very nice unit.
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Wow... Snif... brings a jealous tear to mah eye...

Piney, you da LANG kinda man now!

<maybe when I grow up> LOL!
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Sweet!! Nice smoker Piney, congratulations!
Next smoke out is at Piney's house...biggrin.gif
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Congrats Piney. I knew that thing would follow you home. Time to fire it up and get a fattie on there. ;)
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Ha, I knew last night in chat it was comming home with you.

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Ya know the guy set me up when I pulled in his gate this morning I could see smoke and he had it fired up with a little fire going and it just really looked good with smoke coming out that stack. biggrin.gif
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Well I'll be. Congrats Jerry, nice lookin rig.
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Nice score! What did you pick it up for? (if you don't mind me asking)
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Looks great PW.
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1900 and he wouldn't budge at all
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Funny how that just followed ya home Piney!! And what a sales tactic!
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well, how much? we are all dying to know - then we can cry.

It looks like it is in great shape. a little paint on the firebox and it'll be like new.

I just bought the same on new from Ben this spring - about 4 grand and worth every penny. they cook like a dream.

PigRoast.com has the instructions on seasoning and instructions on how to cook with it online - I found it very helpful.

It is a wood miser and after about 5-10 smokes, I was cruisin'. If you have smoking experience, you'll do even better.

I fire it up for just ABTs and some chicken - nothin' to it.

there is one mod I am going to make - on the upper rack, I'm going to put a little metal in the track, so it slides out smoothly - now, it twanks to one side and you have to fool with it, I want it to slide smoothly and not get jammed - PITA when its hot and you want to close the door and get back to cooking.

Good going and let us know how much? Dang, you're killin me!

Brad PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I just saw there was a 2nd page - you know smokers from KY tend to be a little slower.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

1900 - deal and a half - about 1/2 of new - I'da jumped on that too - good for you.

If you need any help, there are a bunch of us out there with 84 deluxes.

Love it! Brad
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Nice score on that. I'd love to have one of those just for the fun of a big rig,
but then would have to get an even larger freezer. Good luck.
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congrats piney now hurry and that thing over here before it get blown away
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Nice Deal---Nice rig!

Can't wait to see your first cook on that baby!! Its worth every penny, There is an 84 up this way I've been trying to get for that price, and it doesn't have the warmer!
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I know how excited you were last night and very happy it worked out for ya PW. Great score.!!!!
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