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Sundays Chuckie & Sides w/QVIEW

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I have seen too many of these on the forum lately so this was my choice for Sundays smoke. I marinated this 3.89lber overnight in EVOO and Montreal Steak Seasoning. While warming up the GOSM I sprinkled with salt, CBP and garlic powder.

Threw together some ABTS filled with crabmeat, creamcheese, chives and parsley. Topped them with bacon. Shucked back some corn "Dude Style" added butter, salt and pepper.

I had some left over filling from the ABTS so I fried up some italian sausage and mixed it in. I then stuffed some cremini mushrooms with this stuff. And here they are.

I had to include a pic of these things because there has been so much talk about them on the forum lately. The bag states to use 4 1/4 pounds of potatos, 2 quarts of water and the whole 12oz bag of salt.

The chuckie at 165* right before foiling

The sides in the GOSM while the chuckie is in the cooler under blankets resting.

The meat is all pulled.

All plated up. I took a fresh kaiser roll and coated it with horseradish sauce and piled up some meat on it for a goood sammie.

Almost are the best 2/3rds of the family. They are working on dessert a recipe I saw on the forum recently for Zuchini cake. It was excellent! I dont remember who to give the credit to for that. I will go back and find out. Unfortunatly didnt get a finished pic of the cake.

As usual thanks to everyone here that has helped in making my Que edible and worth eating and thanks for checking out my QVIEW!
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Dingle you done great and super Qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif .. Looks like ya got some good help there also.. How did ya do the corn? Silk it then wrap it back up and smoke it? About how long did ya smoke it? Thanks and again good job.....
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Looks awesome DINGLE!! Now I'm hungry.biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Gobbledot...this is what I did, smoked approx 1hr at 300 + or -. Thanks for the kind words.

Cowgirl, I dont feel like eatin anything after your pics.LOL
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yep this Q-view made me hungry so its a good one.

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lookin good buddy,, I love those chuckroasts
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Thanks 311 and Krusher! The chuck roast has definitely been my favorite cut of beef that I have done so far.
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Nice qview Dingle. You live near me. I'm in Fulton
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Yup short drive on 481N. Did you or do you hit Haborfest??
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Nice smoke dingle. Cant wait to see what you come up on your dingle burgers. lol
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Nice smoke there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you whitecloud. Yeah burgers in the near future!

And thank you too Ron!
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Looks excellent, Dingle.
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Fine looking roast, meal and family! You got it going on!
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Thanks Wayside and Icruzen. I love getting the family involved even if I dont let them near the grill or the smoker or my remote or my lawn mower or snowblower or..........nevermind. They may be reading.
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I gotta find some corn round here somewhere
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You weren't kidding when you said your smoker was gonna be working overtime. Sorry you were stuck at work saturday-looks like you made up for it
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Thanks Piney!

Yeah Wutang had the ole smoker going from about 7am to 6pm yesterday. That chuck roast took longer than I expected. Didnt know if I should plan for a plateau or not. Well it got to 154 degrees rather quickly than didnt start rising again for almost 2 1/2 hrs. I was patient tho. Had another cocktail, and took a little nappy-poo for a while.
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