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Thumb's down on the oven finishing method for butt - Page 2

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If heat is heat, why would the smoker render more fat than the oven?

And you got it partly right Ron....

By imn88fan
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My Experience

I smoke til 170 and then drop into a roasting pan and cover with foil until 200. AFTER REMOVING THE PANNED MEAT FROM THE SMOKER AT 200 there is usually a ton of juice in the pan. Skim the grease off and add the juice back to the meat. Excelent every time. This is what I have learned from this site and the method is tested true. I've never finished in the oven and just have a thing for finishing in the smoker. I honestly don't know if there is a diff. Maybe one day I will try two butts at the same time and finish one in the oven.....naw, I'm just kidding. Finish that beast where you started it!

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WORD!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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It won't Bubba. I honestly think the difference- and the problem KYBlues had... was the sitting in the grease/juice in a pan. A rack in the pan would have most likely cured his issues with the grease.
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And that extra 20 - 30 degrees before foiling may help a bit as well wink.gif

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Bubba, not sure you read my post, you should have highlighted the red, not the green. Also being taken to that temp on the rack would have kept the meat out of the grease and into the juices below and seperate later.

If your drum makes a different 220' than an oven you should patent it. icon_smile.gif

Good point Phil.
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Not sure what i was thinking there was still early. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I would say foiling at 140 like you said was to early. Mostly everyone has noted to 160 to 165 before foiling. Maybe just Maybe that 25 extra degrees does make a difference. That 25 degrees will go faster to temp then if left unfoiled until 165. Allowing more time of the fat to render down. Thus leaving
more fat in your drippings. I generally don't foil unless I want to speed up the cook time. This is only a thought why it wrong and the only thing I would change and do another one.
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[quote=solar;245281]The square metal electric hot box in my kitchen is only good for frozen pizzas and bread. smile.gif

I use mine for pastries, pies and cakes..other than that...confused.gif
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