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Thumb's down on the oven finishing method for butt

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Well I caved in and tried the oven finishing method this weekend. Did a 7.5 lb butt. Smoked it on the SS until meat temp was 140 then double wrapped it in foil and cooked it in the oven at 225 until meat temp was 195.

The flavor was delicious. I attest that to the smoking process. I tend my fire like a worried parent doting over a sick child. The consistency was very very tender. It almost pulled itself.

What I didn't like was that I, and my wife, thought it was too greasy. We love juicy, we don't like greasy. Finishing the last half of the cooking process in the oven seemed to leave a little too much fat and grease. Maybe I should have left it in the oven until the meat temp was 205-208 as Jeff suggested in one of his articles. I don't know.

What does everyone else think of finishing a butt in the oven? Tender yes, flavorful yes, but greasy is gross. Thoughts?
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I usually shoot for 205º but maybe upping your cooking temps to 250 or even 275º might help break down the fat better.
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I am a member of AOL

Anti Oven League PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I would smoke it to 165°F internal temp and then foil and finish at 200-205°F. I have finished in the o**n and not found it to be greasy.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I take mine to at least 165 on the pit but I have finished them in the oven (to 205). Pulled them and cleaned out the goo and stored in zip locks. I'll usually warm the meat up in a 200 degree oven in a roasting pan until the tips of the meat are slightly dry and to me it's just about perfect. I do like my PP sammiches with a squirt of BBQ sauce. I also use SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce when I first pull the meat. Only thing that tops it so far has been the brisket.

We're learning. :)

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If your foiling the meat I don't see how finishing in the oven is any different than finishing in the smoker. 225o heat would be the same.
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haha thats to funny
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The square metal electric hot box in my kitchen is only good for frozen pizzas and bread. smile.gif

I have a friend who still broils his steaks in his MEHB, and they're not cheap cuts either.
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Take the butt to at least 165* before foiling and I think you'll be a lot happier. Also, as noted above, don't forget to use Fl Quer's finishing sauce. It really makes pulled pork.
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I'm with Meowey. Smoke to at least 165. And if ya like, try putting the butt on a rack in the pan to lift it above the melting out grease.
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I'm a member of the "Lets Do It The Easy Way" Club. Temps are temps. Doesn't matter if in the oven or smoker. The meat is FOIL WRAPPED. And, if in the oven, no worrying about spikes, or burning extra fuel.
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yep what most said, Heat is heat but technique is key. Try it again with what you just learned before turning away from the poor oven. Oh; and let us know.
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I finish in the oven more than on the smoker and as was already said foil at 165* and after that heat is heat. If it was foiled you would have had the same results in the smoker as you did in the oven
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Awaiting my membership packet.......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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It is pending review of your pork procedure. LOL PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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never finished in the oven myself but i have heard of people cooking in the crock pot and adding liquid smoke .if your shooting for the easy way i cant see it getting any easier.myself i enjoy tending the meat til its done but to each their own
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If that was the FIRST time you finished in the oven, maybe you just got an extra fatty pork butt this time. I do agree though if ya bring it to 165 degrees on the smoker, more fat will be rendered before it hits the oven.
Good luck with the next one!
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I, myself, am ANTI-AOL..........lol........pisspoor isp, imho........

that said..........like the sane folks said here........ =), i smoke to 170 myself, then foil. I am not rich, like most of the AOL crowd....loll........can't afford to keep putting fuel into my ecb. So i foil, then oven.
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Ditto Dude..I smoke to min 165, no less..sometimes 170 before I get it foiled..Why waste fuel when it's not going add anything once it's foiled..as said heat is heat..I set my oven to finish at 240 and don't go by the oven dial..I found that (at least mine) is not accurate. I have to set my oven dial at 225.. which after the spike, 290-300, for about 15 seconds, then falls off until it kicks the burner back on at 235. No grease and pretty much all fat has melted away..very juicy not greasy...Just my .02..works for me..hopes this helps.

BTW..I do set mine in a pan on a rack then foil,keeps it out of grease and makes for some good finishing sauce when defatted
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If you took it to 160' 170' much of the grease would have rendered out. Then all you would have left is mostly juices. Heat is heat, the meat doesn't know any better.

That's what I like about my MES, once I hit temps I can foil, set at 190' 200' and go to bed till morning.

No, not lazy, just economical, no need to waste your fuel.

Oh, did you trim much outside fat?

No pics makes it hard to know what happened.
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