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I love walleye too!! Looks great erain.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great idea turned out great results! Way to go man! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job Erain as usual.

Ahh, the good old days and Walleye. Used to catch a bunch. Biggest was 6.5 pounds.
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Wow! Erain....walleye is my favorite and you have taken it to a whole new level!! I just learned how to give points recently, and this is deserving of them!
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thanks to all for the compliments and the points on this thread. as all of us walleye people know in our opinions it is the king of fish and it deserves the very best of cooking methods. i really wanted to share this with all as i have had this on my mind for a while now and i am sure there are many other walleye fisherpeople out there who can use this as a start and tweak to their own liking. if you do please post . i am sure there are many other interested peeps out there.
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Wow, Ive been wanting to try Walleye in the smoker, that looks delicous!!

And to me, Walleye is definetly the King, followed by Crappie, white bass aint too bad if you remove the red meat, Bluegill are pretty tasty too.

I live in Kansas and dont catch many Walleye, but I did happen to catch a 23" a while back in a local community pond. Its sealed up in a vac bag in the freezer, just waiting for me to try this recipe!

Looks yummy, thanks for the recipe.
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Aaarggh, what are you doing to me.
God that recipe and pictures has got me salivating and thoroughly ashamed that I didn't make some kind of better effort with the trout I got in the smoker at the moment.

I've got to get some decent vacation time in the states next year (yeah right about when you win the lottery - [note to self - must start buying lottery tickets]).
That looks both like great fishing and great eating.
Jealous ?
man that doesn't even come close.
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That looks amazing!! I'll have to try that.
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Always wanted a way to try Wallys smoked. This will surely give me a start. Wally season just opened here and now that the weather is gett'n better I guess it's time to break out the tackle. Thanks for the method and the pic's esp. I'll be trying this with bass and gilles too this summer.
Hmmm...maybe even some Bullheads. They are almost as good as the Wallys.
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Looks great erain, nice work, as usual!biggrin.gif
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outstanding, erain!
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nice thread, thanks for bringing it back up OleOlson
Hey killbuck are you sure about that? ours just closed last week and won't open till May....Maybe you want to invite me over...wink wink :)
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Yeah here on the Res (Seneca) The Wally season starts March 1. The ways to get to the good holes tho are all messed from the winter tho if you have no boat. Which I don't anymore. icon_mad.gif
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My family has a place on Lake Vermilion in northern MN. I have a freezer full of walleye that I am always looking for new ways to cook. I have been hoping for a healthier way to eat it than fried. I don't think this is healthier, but definitely looks awesome and will be tried very soon. My question is, how much does the smoking affect the taste of the walleye when done this way?
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Holy smokes does that look good erin! How long did you smoke them and at what temperature?
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