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Canadian Bacon Score W/QVIEW

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Krogers had bonless pork loins on sale. I got a full one in the freezer, but this was a spur of the moment thing. 4.6 pounder.

Rubbed with 4 1/2 tbs Tender Quick and 5 tsp brown sugar. Supposed to cure for 3 - 4 days in fridge. It is already pumped with a salt soloution, so I' m going to be careful with the salt taste. I may even check it out sooner. I have had good results on my past cures cutting them short.

Wish me luck, and thanks for watching the QVIEW.
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Never done CB,

Can't wait to see and hear about the results:-)

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Great start - nice score on the loin. Looking forward to seeing the results!
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That's a bad habit from hanging around the casino. Actually I write a monthly column on slot machines and end every coulumn with:

"Good Luck and don't forget to hit the cash out button."icon_smile.gif

Thanks, Jack.
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Ron it looks like a good start and I'm looking forward to more Qview as it progresses
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Sounds great can't wait for the q-view icon_exclaim.gif
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Progress Report

Here it is Piney.

I hope so, M M .

I just peeked in, a cut a slice and rinsed it and fried it. Not a trace of salt yet. Wife sait it was good.

This is from Morton Salt's site. Doesn't look antyhing like that. I cant believe that wasn't smoked. All thier recipe says is to cure and slice, then fry it up. HUH! False advertising? Me thinks so.

We'll see in a few days, I guess. Can't wait.

Thanks for watching.
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keep us updated on this ron, never done a can bacon yet so watching with interest.
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looking good Ron-I took some out from 12-07 for us -still great-and a pak for a friend 4-08-need to make more soon.
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I will Erain.

Thanks Bob. Good shelf life.
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