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Greetings from Northern California!

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Hi all, I am writing from the far north of California, about 2 hrs drive from the Oregon border in Fortuna, Ca. I am 24 years old and a HUGE fan of all types of BBQ. Although not the most experienced BBQer I have been a professional chef for about 7 years, the most recent being an upscale Italian joint (hardly BBQ material). I have cooked/baked a wide variety of foods from all over the world, and my favorite hands down is some home style backyard bbq feasting!

I am about to graduate from college with a degree in Computer Science so I will hopefully have more time to perfect the art of smoking. Thanks to the Mods for this great board and the community who make it so. Looking forward to sharing my smoking adventures, and learning the tricks of the trade!
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howdy kid & welcome to SMF-glad we of help. used to garden in humbolt area in the late 70s-real good land.
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Welcome to SMF, lookin forward to seein you around. If you havent yet, sign up for Jeff's free 5 day ecourse. Its packed with great info that will get any noob ready for smokin. Dont be afraid to ask ?s and post qviews. This is a great place to cyberchill with some great people cool.gif
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Awesome! Glad I found this place. It got recommended to me when I posted a question about smoking on the Food forum of Craigslist. desertlites just out of curiosity where in humboldt did you live in the 70's?
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lived in Cotati-grew diff places in humbolt co.1 step ahead.
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Welcome Humboldt, glad to have you aboard.
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The Cotati hills is a beautiful place. That is pretty far south of me though... So what kind of gardening are we talking about here huh??? J/K, but yes the land up here is very fertile and the climate being mild and humid makes it a great place for a great number of crops.
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Welcome hb-kid, welcome to have you here......hmmmmmmm pro chef, italian resturaunt, will be lloking forward to some italian recipies to put smoked meat into.
Again welcome, any questions just ask
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Welcome to the forum. I am a couple of hours east of you - in the Sac valley. Great folks here all willing and able to help.

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Smoked meat and Italian food? YES. I went to Italy this summer and had some of the most amazing smoked meats! From infinite kinds of salami, to smoked lard, and of course prosciutto and other various smoked hams....mmmmmm

Dave, I will be moving to the Sac valley this Dec to be closer to my family. Born and raised in Lake Tahoe so you will have a close by grill mate!
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Welcome again Humboldt Kid. Thought in your 1st post we had another Iowan. We have a Humboldt 15 mls north of me.
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Welcome Hk.
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to the board. Glad to see another real NOR-Cal. person. I am in redding.
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welcome to SMF glad you joined us.
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Welcome to SMF! I heard that Humbolt is rather famous for smoking... Oh wait...never mind...LOL! Enjoy, and whatever help we can offer we shall...usually quickly and accurately. But..well, no guarentees heh!
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'ello and welcome to SMF!
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Welcome Kid from marin co.
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Welcome aboard HK... I'm in North Sac County myself. You will find much good info here from many fine individuals.

Nor-Cal in the house!

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Greetings HK
Hope you hang around a bit! The coffee rub and injection on my butt was amazing, give it a try, you will enjoy it i am sure!
Hope to see some q-vue...
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