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ABT Leftovers

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Made my first batch and they were fantastic. Problem is there were a couple leftover. They were wraped in bacon and I knuked the for almost a min. They were good but not crunchy like when they first came out. How does everyone re-heat their ABT's?
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I have never had abt leftovers.PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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If I have any leftover...doesn't happen often, I like to run them under the broiler to crisp them back up. They are OK but not as good as hot outta the smoker.

I usually do not want to take the time to fire up my grill for this. It would work though.
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ditto .never had any leftovers
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IF, I have any leftovers, I just eat them cold the next day.
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what cowgirl says
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yeah I just normally eat them cold the next day they get mushy imo when nuked.
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Thanks for the replies, I only had 2 leftover and was pretty stuffed. Now I know how many to make in the future.
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I just eat em cold, they er good that way, othewise like cowgirl says, give em a shot under the broiler. Or ifin ya have a toaster oven a quick shot in there would work to.
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Well if my wife is arround we may have leftovers, just me, I eat em all. Try giving them 15 minutes in a toaster oven 300º. You'll never quite get the crispness of the original but it is still quite good.
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Eat em cold and wash em down with I cold barley pop.
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