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first butt might need help

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well I don't know if its help but maybe some reassurance. I got a 9 lber and its been on for about 3 1/2 hrs and its at about 150 I think its going to fast but the thremo on the grate says about 220 what do I do? is it going to fast or am I just worrying to much.
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Crack a beer. Drink said beer. Repeat. :{) 220's perfect. You MAY be at 150 a while ...
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As Richtee posted, beer will get you through the plateau; you are smoking the butt perfectly.....
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thanks guys thats what I need to hear time for me to relax. If I hit 160 in the next hr should I just foil and keep going as normal
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repeat as needed
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i wouldnt foil until i hit the 170-175 point but thats just me.that 160 stall could take a while
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Me too! I like bark!icon_smile.gif

And yes, then just continue with your smoking as you have been!
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you guys sure do know your stuff. It hit 156 and it stalled and went back to 154 and is just sitting now. So I figured now would be a good time to throw a fatty on and in about 2 hrs I'll throw some ABT's on
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now yer talkin! perfect timing for sure!cool.gif
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Your doing just fine. Just as everyone else has said - crack open a few more of your PBR's and before u know it you will be eatin some great grub.

Got any pics to toss in as it goes on?
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yeah got some pic's will do a full Q-view of both Saturdays and Sundays smokes some time today
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So all is well? Send me yer address..I'm hungry!
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I didn't foil mine this weekend until 175ish. I like the barkkkkkkk!!!
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