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Need advice on looking for thermometers

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I'm looking for a few meat thermometers that I can put in the meat and leave for the entire smoke.

I want the kind with a big face and not remote digital. I've had some problems with remote digitals and thought these others would be more accurate and consistent. Where can I find these types of thermometers?

Edit: A dial thermometer is what I was trying to describe. I still haven't found one that I'm sure can be left in the smoker. Any help is appreciated.
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Is it ok to put a thermometer like this in the meat and leave it in for the entire smoke? I don't know which ones you can do that with.

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I am not sure Johnnie, but I am pretty sure that if it is a real long smoke, the glass will glaze over and it will be difficult to read. I always clean my oven therms after testing with a little simple green.

Have you tried googling and reading on oven and meat therms?
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I've been reading and looking at therms a lot recently. I can't tell if I can leave this in or not. I just haven't been happy with my remote digital therm. I want something more accurate and reliable. I could always put the therms in and take them out. Those that give you internal temps instantly look interesting. I just found out I may get my smoker Wednesday, so I'm trying to get some good therms for it.
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What kind of smoker did you order?
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I'm getting that used DPP I posted pictures of in the wood burning forum. I just couldn't afford the $500 delivery charge on a Lang. This looks like a nice DPP.
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Looks like your buyin the used DP. A new one would take a lil longer.

Some of them dial therms can stay in for the cook, just hafta check them out. The cheaper ones have plastic, or acrylic faces, they can't go in the cooker for very long of course!

I have 4-5 digital therms, I love them all. Have only had to replace 1 probe so far!
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I am getting the used DP. I thought it was a good deal.

What kind of digital therms are you using?
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they are mavericks, a 73, 2-71's, a 72(actually a charm glow face on a maverick body) and a couple
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OH, by the way, congrats on the stickburner, things are gonna change, life is gonna be larger now!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The maverick i have is way off on temps and they sent new probles and a transmitter. I need to call them agaain. I might try a Taylor!
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Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting it. I'm sure I'll have some questions. If there's anything i need to read about stickburners please post it! I'll try to post some good Q-view too.
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Check out Taylor's site:

They have several therms that can be left in, many for BBQ'rs, surface therms at grill level, etc.
In the food business this is the defacto standard in therms and I used an arsenal of them in the deli (hot and cold foods) and meats. You can get leave-ins that stay right in the meat all during cooking, quick check therms for testing (like checking soup temps, etc. - the sleeve is can be used as a handle to dip probe into product, etc.), even glow-in-the-dark for overnight smokes!
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Big selection of nice looking thermometers. Do they have a price list or how to order them anywhere?
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Yes, my words too if CAPT DAN doesn't mind me using his:-)

Also, as far as getting prices for products, if you know a model number for a therm, just type it in google, and you will see lots of stores and prices.
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Is this a pretty good thermometer? Found them for $11.88. It's not on Taylor's current site, so maybe it's an older model.

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Yes, very good model, snap it up while you can! I used one like it for many years (til I melted it... one too many Shiners... oh well..!)
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Here's the link to that thermometer. I just ordered a few.
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