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Luv Them Ribs

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well here i am another sunday and another couple of racks of spares.. Did some stuffed ones a couple of weeks ago but neglected to provide proof. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...stuffed+spares

anyway here's whats goin in today 2 racks of trimmed spares.. 1 rack with jeffs rub 1 rack with grill creations rib rub..i also smashed up some Middleswarth BBQ potato chips and coated the trimmings..i use them on chicken all the time and wanted to try it on ribs, love those middleswarth
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Huh... that's interesting..the chip thingie! I use 'em in and on Mac & cheese of course... but..cool!
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Nice. Also, love the Middleswarth BBQ and Sour Cream. Sister has to mail me my monthly fix down here to Louisiana.
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Good start on the ribs! Tater chips on trimmings - Hmmmmm, something else to file away for future meal.
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Nice ! .....and the chips thanks for the tip I got a try that sometime!
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That looks and sounds great! I like the chip idea too.
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