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Early Morning Start on the Butt

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I got up at 5:00 Am to get the butt going for dinner tonight. I rubbed and wrapped this 8 lb beauty yesterday afternoon and it's been resting in the 'frig until now. I got everything organized and the meat in the smoker at 5:40 AM. Currently at GOSM Big Block is chugging along at 230* and the butt is at 79*.

All seems well and I'll get back to the board periodically for progress updates. Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day in SW Ohio. I love the sell of hickory in the morning, it smells like "Q"!
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Lookin good Joe. Keep showing us that q-view
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Indeed... all nighters are fun, but an early smoke lets you enjoy the day too! Hmmm should be close to time for an update :{)
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Sounds and looks like a great start. Keep us posted.
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I cant think of a better way to start the morning...
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8:40 AM Update

2 hrs into the smoke. Things seem to be moving along nicely. Smoker still chugging along at 230-240* with a very mellow TBS. Meat temp is at 122*. I've spritzed this bad boy a couple of times with a mix of Capt. Morgans and apple juice (1:3 ratio). So far so good.

Q-view update:

I'm thinking I need to move the probe just a bit. I'm in the thick part of the meat but maybe just a bit too far to one side? I feel like I ought to move it to the center more with it angled into the thickest section, Thoughts on this or am I worrying too much?
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I do usually center my thermo a little more than your pictures shows.
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Yea, thought I was a bit off center. I'll move it on the next spritz. Thanks!
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Just stay off that bone!!!
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Roger that Pinkmeat! Moved the probe and hit no bone, temp went down 5* so hopefully that means I'm in a better place! I'll let it run for two or three more hrs and post another update.
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Looking Good.
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11:30 AM Update

Still poking along on the Butt. Temps moved up to 141*. Starting to get some good color. All seems well so unless something drastic happens I'll post again when I wrap at 165*

In the mean time - updated q-view...

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Lookin good. I have to assume all went well. Still waiting to the finished pics.
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I tried posting the results late in the afternoon yeasterday but the board or my computer (not sure which) was acting up and I couldn't post. I've got more photo's and updates and I'll get this posted when I get home from work. For know all I can say is we really enjoyed a great meal but it was a little later than our normal dinner time!
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Looks good so far I'll be looking forward to the rest of the Qview
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Love them butts. Looks great so far. Waiting for finished view.
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And now, for the rest of the story!

Well after some technical difficulties accessing the forum yesterday I have the long anticipated conclusion to the "Early Morning Butt".....

Shortly after the last post, time stamped at 12:16 PM, the butt hit 145* and hung there, and hung there, and hung there (arrgh!). Finally at about 5:00 PM I hit the 165* mark. I pulled the butt from the smoker, double foiled, and added the remaining few ounces of the Capt and Apple spritz mix.

It was a beautiful thing. I put the package back into the GOSM BB and began the slow, but steady, climb to 200*. This temp was reached at 7:20 PM. At this point it was removed from the smoker and into the cooler to "rest" for an hour. At 8:20 PM the grand unveiling began. Here's the butt, pre-pull.

And after the pull was done. The bone slid right out with no resistance what so ever!

Needless to say the family was famished by this time. We had originally planned to eat about 6:30 or 7:00. So much for a plan. The upside was it was delicious. Moist, tender and everything I had hoped for (just later than expected!) We enjoyed the fruits of my labor with fresh sweet corn, potato salad, baked beans and what meal would be complete with out ABT's and several appropriately chilled Yuengling Porters!

Can't explain the loooong plateau. I don't have enough experience with Butts to know really what to expect yet for a norm. Lesson learned for me is start a couple of hours earlier. I can always hold it in the cooler and eat an hour early.

It was a great learning experience and best of all I got to have pulled pork for lunch at work (was the envy of all my co-workers) and had left overs again at dinner tonight. If its possible it was even better today! Sorry to keep everyone in suspense. Thanks for your patience.
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Beautiful looking.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mmmmm, looks those ABTs too!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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