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Ever tried FRIED peanuts??

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I saw the thread on boiled peanuts and totally agree. But I have also found a new favorite snack in fried peanuts. I am from the south so will try pretty much anything if it get dunked in hot oil long enough.

I have only had the peanuts fried without the shell but there are some folks that say you can fry and eat shell and all.

Here is the recipe for shelled peanuts. Can't get any easier.

Peanut oil (or veggie oil)
RAW Peanuts
Sea Salt (or regular salt)

Fill deep-fat fryer with peanut oil. Let heat to 375'F. Put raw shelled
peanuts in frying basket and drop down into hot oil. When white peanuts
start turning brown, take basket out and let drip. Pour out on paper
toweling; salt while hot. After they are cool, place in airtight containers
to keep fresh.
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Smoke? Where Is It? Lol
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