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2 butts after racing....

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What a beautiful Saturday for some short track racing and some butt smoking!
I have two butts going on after the races tonight....
first one is a rub of:
coffee, cocoa, sugar, beef boulion, & some smittys
and injected with some coffee & rub mixed together..

next one is rubbed with Tulsa JEff's rub and a tini bit of smittys

we have a big tailgate party in two weeks at Cali so I figured I'd get a jump start on smoking the meat...
Going to the local short trax tonight for some Sat nite racin' will put em on later.....
Happy Sat Smoke to you all!!
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Looks like a great start I'll be looking forward to more Qview later
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too bad the wife wouldn't tolerate ribs, chicken, AND butts today....
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let me just say that "smittys" has become like a schedule 2 drug around this house between myself and cabana boy...we are hoping that production has increased........
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darn Kel...........thats not the "BUTTS" pic i was TALKING bout.........lolol
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looks good, hope you have fun at the races.
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Wow! Nice Butt(s) Kel! Sounds delicious.
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Have you done the coffee injection before? How does the finished product taste? Looks good by the way.
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Well after the races....
I got a later start that I wanted...like 4 am...ish....
so here we are now... at the dreaded plateau...i just put the birds in...

more later!!
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h i forgot here is a pix from the race

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what a feast to behold from the goddess..the track tailgates will never be the same. just unworthy offerings from others..
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how big were the butts?.........12 hours PLUS for a stall?

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Looks good yes the good ole plateau hope it doesn't last too long biggrin.gif
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The were both right around 8 lbs each.. $1.69 lb Icould not pass them up!
I did notice the coffee injected on has a lot more juice than the other one..They both smell so YUMMY!

I will keep ya posted...
Oh I am using Just hickory today, and am mopping both with aj/apple cider vinegar/ red pepper flakes.....
this is going to make some great sammies at California Speedway!!
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Good God! My mouth is like a water fall right now looking at those beautiful specimens! Please let me know how the coffee rub goes, sounds very unique and tasty!
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My computer has been down since yesterday due to a big power outage, my pix were tossed while I was uploading them when the outage happened...I have some looking into my external hard drive..
Any way the coffee injection was a huge hit everyone loved it. I really think that it adds a depth of flavor to the meat, that I enjoy...everyone here did too..not to mention its fun eating in the dark!
Thanks for peeking..
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Good to see you back here, I was wondering where you were.
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Great looking Eats the pics were good...plenty good info Coffee injection?
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We live 1/2 hr from the TMS (Texas Motor Speedway) and go to the Samsung 500 race every year. Our dream someday is to get an RV and camp in the infield and smoke all weekend, watch the qualifying, Sat. truck and Sunday races. Then take the RV to other tracks.. Retired is close... we've got the tired part down just fine! Another 8 years... get the mortgage paid off and we might be able to swing it! Go 88, 24, 48!
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One-track mind... so to speak! Sorry, meant to tell you how great your butts looked!
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