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My First ABTs on the Lang

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Ok I got bored with looking at the ABTs and Did a few with a Italian Flair.
After capping, splitting and deseeding and pulping these peppers they where stuffed with mild Italian sausage and 3 blend Italian Cheese. Each was capped with a sombrero Portabello Mushroom.

I was going to do hot wings but after going to the store the legs where a good deal so I went that direction. The sauce Is my CopperHead BBQ Snake Bite Venom, the hottest I make of three sauces.

Man the ABTs are hot so I included a cup of Ranch for dipping. Click to enlarge photos.

Siesta Time
Attachment 11261
Well Rested
Attachment 11262
Legs with CopperHead Snake Bite Sauce-Not for the faint of heart
Attachment 11263
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Nice looking Rick.........tho i DO have a question

whats a BMT?

I have heard of abts......did i miss summin interesting to smoke?
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LOL, BMT is brand of something I use at work and life has been crazy this week. LMAO ABTs
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Ahh yes...ABT's... eat the heat! :{)
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Looken Good Rick:-)

Glad to see you smoken! Don't forget to put the lang in the pics--just can't get enough!!!!!!

Looks Yummy and real HOT!!!!

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mmmmm ABTs got a love the heat nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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pic for Steve

Here ya go Steve. LOL
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Nice lookin eats Rick. I like the sombrarro look to the ABT's!icon_smile.gif
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