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10# flat- Birthday Brisket w/Qview

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Just got this thing going about a half hour ago. I have till 1 tomorrow to get er dun. Hope i dont have too many stalls. :)

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Looks like a good start hope ya have a great smoke!!
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Heckuva birthday present! Happy BRISKET-DAY! ;{)
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nice.......can't wait for the q-view
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It's for my dad's 77th birthday party tomorrow Rich. My kids are just as excited as he is. :) I actually had to dig thru a bunch of flats and packers to find this one. I had an 8 pounder picked out but I saw part of this one in the back and had to check it out. When I pulled it out it was a great looking cut and was super flexible. I had to have it. biggrin.gif
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It's beautious!
I will see ya later when I toss my butts on!!
Happy brisket!!
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D88DE GETS A PIC IN HIS HEAD..............

ewe.......can't wait for the q-view ! ! ! ! !
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AwwwRIGHT! Nothin' too good for Dad...good on you bud! I have never seen a flat that big... Hmm yer gonna have some leftovers... mind if I swing by?? :{)
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No problem Rich, come on by. I know we'll have plenty........ Kel I'm on pins and needles waiting to view your butt(s). It's going to be a long night by the ol SnP. The wife is gone to girls night out so it's just me n the kiddos and some Natural Light long necks. Well root beer for the kiddos. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Steve, if yur up late enough, lol!
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Smoked angus burgers for dinner. First burger I've had that had a smoke ring. Brisket has been at 134 for an hour and a half now. Regular mopping still going on (rum and AJ) and still making smoke with mesquite and hickory. The whole neighborhood smells yummy. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Burgers lookin good. Waiting for the brisket.
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Ok sneak peek at the brisket. It's at 145 and starting to get a nice bark on it. One nice little stall but since has been steadily climbing. Hope I didn't jinx myself. lol

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3 hours later and I'm just getting off a 147 degree stall. At 150 now and looking good, smelling good. PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif

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That looks awesome, gonna be trying my first brisket this week, if it turns out half that good looking I'll be happy.
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Looks great and those burgers really looked awesome I'm sure they tasted great!!
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The burgers were awesome. Finally got this big hunk o meat done though, wrapped it up in a couple layers of HD foil and a couple towels...... Then I realised..... There's no way this thing is gonna fit in the cooler. Not laying flat anyways. I took off the towels added another wrap of foil and warmed up the oven to 100 turned it off and re-wrapped with the towels and into the oven to rest. I'll get up in an hour or two and put it in a XXL Ziploc and put it in the fridge until I'm ready to slice it. Saved some juices to baste it in while warming it up. I can't wait to see how it tastes. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Heh.... JINX! I have found if ya can clear 150-ish without much stall, you may just be OK. But 140 area is a PRIME place for a plateau. Looks good!
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Where's The Finsihed Pics? ? ?
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Got to bed somewhere around 5ish. Slept for 2 hours then got up and put the meat in the fridge. Went back to bed until 10 then got up and went to the store for potatoes and ice cream. Came home and made garlic mashed potatoes and smoked bbq brown sugar n honey beans. Warmed up the brisket and sliced about 3/4 of it. Cut up some small pieces and added to the beans. Then Dad and Sis showed up along with sisters BF and we all ate wayyy too much. Watched some nascar and Dad opened his presents and blew out the candles on the cake and we ate some more. lol Hung out with family a while and now I'm getting to the final pics.

Here ya go......

Started slicing and trying to keep my daughter and wife from stealing slices....

Got almost half way into the meat and the slices were just getting huge. After this pic I ended up just slicing the whole thing in half....

Nice smoke ring and tender juicy meat.... :)

Piled a plate full and put the halved slices on top...

Got the sides out and dinner was served. The beans were awesome and they ate every last one. ;) I'll post my recipe for the beans later after I get my nap out. lol

I was really tired after it was all done but seeing everyone dig in and enjoy it all was well worth it. My Dad is going out to dinner theatre later with his lady friend but couldn't keep himself from going back for seconds of everything and thirds on the beans. :) Thanks to everyone here for the tips and recipes you share with us all. This forum rocks!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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