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You guys get the good corn, the corn we get here needs all the help it can get.
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Okay, here we go with the un-foiling, one one set racks (middle) had a tear in the botom so I think it got a little more heat than the other two. They still are pretty tight, will leave on low heat until the bone starts to let loose. Should be an hour or so........

On the smoker with a flip of the Pearls.

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Looking good solar. Are you using a finishing sauce or serving it on the side?
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I'm still pretty new to smoking BB's on a smoker, but I plan on removing them from the smoker and applying a sticky glaze, using my Bourbon sauce for one rack, and going with store bought Open Bit sauce under the broiler. wink.gif

For what it's worth, here's my Honey Mustard dipping sauce for the Pearls. smile.gif

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Here we go!!

They came out fantasic!!!! I think this photo sums it up nicely. smile.gif

I made a "to go" plate for my neighbor, think he will enjoy it?

If you can't tell I'm really happy on how these BB's turned out (pass the toothpicks please).
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Wow solar! They look great icon_smile.gif. Nice job!
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I KNEW ya could do it :{) so do you! BRAVO!
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Thanks to everyone for the complements! I think I at least have BB's figured out, and I'm getting dialed in for football season. smile.gif

Oh and because I used thick bacon on the Pearls, they turned into dessert, they tool a little longer, but they still came out great.

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WOW, what a great smoke.
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Very nice outcome.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Thanks for the QVIEW!
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Yes sir, those boys look handsome.
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My neighbors across the street loved the ribs, they're having a few people over in a few weeks and asked me this morning if I would smoke a few racks for them for them. Of course I said yes, why not, he's going to supply the ribs, charcoal, and beer for me. smile.gif
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