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First BB's on the Smoker

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Confidence is high!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

I'm about 1½ hours in to the smoke, cooking temps nailed at 225°, doing the 2-2-1 method, getting ready to foil. I'm using Dave NH's maranade, gave the ribs a good soak over night. I'd give his maranade a "5 Thumbs Up" it's very good. Added some apple juice to the left over maranade and using it as a mop.

Qview on it's way. smile.gif
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Next time Sam's has bad spares I am definitely trying BB's again...
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Way cool icon_smile.gif! Glad you like it. Looking forward to the Q-view.
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So here we are so far:

Maranade: Dave NH's maranade friday evening, it makes the whole house smell good. biggrin.gif

After 16 hour soak, letting rest for one hour.

Setting up smoker, is this the Minion Method?

Ribs on smoker after 1 hour, added corn.

After 2 hours, ready to foil.

Here we are now about 30 minutes into the foil.

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Looks great gonna be a fine meal
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Thanks Pinewoods, I've only been smoking for 4 weeks, and I think I've finally got my smoker's "attitude/ modifications" figured out. I'm pegged at 225° on both the right and left sides, and I'm not chasing the temps anymore like I've been in the past.

( side note: Let me know if the date for the get together changes. smile.gif )
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One thing, Solar...be SURE that the mop you have is not applied near the end of the smoke- as you describe it it has raw meat juice in it. You COULD give it a couple min. simmer in a pot to remove this possible contamination source.
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Ahhhhh, very good tip, thank you. I only mopped them once at the first hour so I should be okay, but thanks for that heads up. I'm really good about that when I'm cooking chicken, (no cross contamination) but didn't think about that with pork, thanks again. smile.gif
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My pleasure, man. I use my maranades from chicken as a mop quite often, I just simmer for a while... usually reduce volume by maybe 25%... kills any nasties and helps adhesion to the meat.
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Looking forward for the end Q-view as I'm going thru withdrawals this WE...especially since the wife pulled out the last PP from last WE for lunch.
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Another great tip! I'll apply this method next time I use any maranade. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The next Qview should be shortly, wait to see the scallops. biggrin.gif
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YUMMY! ok waitin'
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Well here you go..biggrin.gif

I've been doing Pearls in Blanket for years, but they're even better on the smoker.

10 Sea Scallops, rinsed and patted dry with paper towel, toothpicks, water chestnuts, and bacon strips cut in half.

With toothpick in hand. spear a water cheastnut, scallop and wrap with bacon. I like using thin cut low sodium bacon (for flavor not a diet) but I got some thick bacon by mistake, oh well, it will work.

On the smoker with about 1½ hours to go.

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Alright THAT freakin' did it...POINTS!
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I'll be there in ten to twelve hours! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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solar........maybe take some of that husk off..........smoke can't penetrate well with all the husk..........just did some last nite...........

here is a corn smoking session i did awhile back

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Thanks for the tip, but I like my corn with just a touch of smoke, after 4 hours the taste is heavenly. icon_smile.gif
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i only do mine for 2 hours, because of the less husks
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Alright! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Thanks. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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