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Smoking Burgers and Steaks.

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I've never smoked before but I just bought some chicken thighs and ribs so that I can try it out tomorrow. I also have some burgers and steaks, but I was not sure if these are good to smoke or just go ahead and grill them.

Do smoked burgers and steaks come out well?
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I love smoked burgers but I have never tried steaks

good luck and happy smoking
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Some have done them here and they turned out good. Just don't over do it.
As to your chicken and ribs, not sure what type of smoker you have....horizontal or vertical. If its a vertical, remember to put the chicken below the ribs.
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Sounds great :) going to try some burgers myself.

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I'm a strong believer that a steak should be cooked hot and fast not low and slow. I also think a smoked burger would be excellent.
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Smoked burgers are great the steaks i use a grill for
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I will be using a horizontal griller and I think I'll try to smoke the burgers. As for my steaks, I'll save em for next time and grill em hot and fast like I like em.

How long should I smoke the burgers for by the way?

Thanks guys!
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Smoking steaks can be done with great results. Can't remember who I saw post this, so I can't take credit...

Smoke the steak until it reaches 110 degrees, then finish to taste on the grill. Like mine medium, so I go about 2 min tops on the grill.

If you leave the steak on any longer than 110 it just doesn't work.
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I have done a few ribeyes. Just bring the temp up a little as slow as you can. Then sear on a HOT grill for just a few on each side. They turned out great.
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