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Pepper Infused Vodka

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Hey Chili Heads -
Summer's bounty is here
Wanna make some Pepper Infused Vodka?
It's easy.

Bottle of Vodka
3-4 Peppers (for a 750) more for larger bottles or to taste! :)
Couple cloves garlic, peeled and I prefer to crack them w my palm to let the juices infuse better.

Remove some Vodka from the bottle to make room for the peppers (and garlic if you're using it) - THIS IS A FUN PART!
Cut the peppers in half (like a boat) and remove seeds - for Hotter end product leave in as much veiny material as possible.

Cap the bottle and let stand at room temp for about a week.
Sample for appropriate heat then use or remove peppers and place bottle into the freezer for later use.
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My favorite tini is a pepper tini...
Thanks cuz now I can make my own pepper V as hot as I want her!
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I used to get the Absolute Vodka for bloody marys, no i just drink beer
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First time I tried this I went way too far. Even for me. Had to dilute it with lots more vodka. Whoa! All I used was habeneros and peppercorns. Excelent!
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Smoke Freak -
You're right.
You can ALWAYS add more and let it macerate a bit further.
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This works almost too well

I did this last year for the first time. I used habeneros and peppercorns too. I WAY overdid it with the peppers! LOL. We used it for bloodys. I just use tobasco in my cocktails now.
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