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Baby Backs mmmmm

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We are going to do a set of baby backs this tonight. So far from what I have noticed is the 3-2-1 method seems the best. A few weeks ago while smoking our top round we threw a set of ribs on the smoker just messing around and they turned out great. So this weekend we are going solo with ribs only. Last night we put the ribs in our marinade and let it rest until we are ready today. Not sure if I am going to dry rub them before we start the smoke. Will post the q-view later.

Plenty of B-B-B (Beer-Booze-Bull) to keep us going. Oh ya GO SKINS!
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Ohm with baby backs you'll want 2-2-1 and that will be fall off the bone
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Cool thanks will try 2-2-1.

Quick question anyone ever try wraping the backs in bacon?
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I have never tried that if you spritz or mop as you foil they will be very tender and juicy. Then I often baste with bbq sauce as I put them on for the last hour which I usually cut down to 45 minutes or so.
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yes, 3-2-1 is too much for BBs. I do 2-1.5-1. Seems to work for me, but it's up to your taste buds whether you like a little pull left or fall off the bone.
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Yep, agree, I like those times also.
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I am a fall off the bone type so I will try a little of everything above and just keep an eye on things as they pull from the bone.

Go Skins!
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I added some corn (whole husk) long does the corn usually take? Cooking @ ~225
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Hmmm seems last batch I did...coating liberally with butter during smoke... were about a half hour. I like my corn how you don't like your ribs tho...Al dente'.
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Go Skins![/quote]

If you like em' fall of the bone then leave them in the foil a bit longer. I like a rib with a bit of a bite and have come to find that 2-1.5-1 works absolutely perfect for me. Usually use apple juice a bit of brown sugar and garlic salt when foiling as well.
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This works good for me
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The QVIEW? We're waiting. LOL
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My wife took the camera with her to the Ravens game so I could not get any pic's at the time. But all it not lost. We only ate half of the ribs and will be eating the rest tomorrow. I did not cook the other half on the grill yet. I will take a pic then. Thank you all for your input everything turned out great! I can not wait until next week to try some huge beef ribs.
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Sounds great glad it all came out good for you
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