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Anyone try this????

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I plan on taking the fattiest ground burger that I can find, seasoning it like I would a burger, add some cheddar cheese, and precooked bacon all chopped up, and stuff it into a sausage casing. Bacon cheddar burger brats. Thumbs up, or thumbs down?
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Sounds good! Be sure to let us know how it turns out.
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thumb's up.

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I have seen people do these before but they never used casing. Let us know what you do and they turn out. I have been pondering these for a while.
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Mini fatties ? :)
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Heya Cubguy- sounds tasty. The one thing ya might run into, errr maybe outta is the cheese. It'll tend to melt to the point of "puddling" in the sausage, or running out. The do make a high melt point cheese just for sausage making. If ya like the results, and do have cheese issues, that stuff should help.
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I got the stuff to do it. Probably tonight, I'll take plenty of pictures.
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burger dawgs,,awesome cubs guy..get some special buns for them..
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SWEEEEET! Looking forward to hunger-inducing Q-view!
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Hell to the ya that sounds great! Be suure you post a q-view
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