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from the pacific NW

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Hi all, just got a GOSM and smoked my first fatty tonight. I used italian sausage and ground beef stuffed with povolone, mushrooms, onion and garlic wrapped with bacon. I feel like it was a great success for my first smoke. I have a 7.5# butt on now i will be babysitting all night. I am happy to have found this forum and hope i can contribute.

Oh about me. I'm 36 years old with a wife and 7 month old son. i love to hunt and fish.
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Welcome to the forum! The fatty you smoked sounds
Good luck with the butt and take pics for us if you get a chance. :)
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welcome to the site there a few of us washingtonions here i think you are gonna like it here it seems everything that comes out of the smoker is great good luck and take lots of pics

oh and i live over in forks
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Greetings from California!
Have fun with your butt! Your fattie sounds great....we will be looking forward to your q-vue!!
Happy smokes!
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Welcome Staem fitter. Get the q-view photos running. We like to see the results. Nice job.
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Welcome to SMF. You found a good place to hang out.
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Welcome to the SMF steamfitter. Lots of great folks here that are happy to help and give advice. Where are ya from? Oly here. Enjoy your stay and again, welcome.

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Welcome to son lived in Washington for awhile,, from all the pictures he took it is a beautiful place, just a little to have ya!
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Welcome Steam, that fattie sounded great..i got one of them smokers and i love it...few mod like a bigger smoke chip box and i run lump it and hickory..
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I forgot to say i live in the warm beach area of stanwood 30 miles north of seattle.
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