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Grilled & Smoked Italian Vegies W/QVIEW No Tools This Time

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This is one of my favorites for grilling. Today, I thought of this. It is a 2 stage smoke.

Here are the Veggies. Zucinni, yellow squash, Roma Tomatoes and Onion and red pepper.

Rough chop so they don't fall through the grates.

Marinated In Wish Bone dressing, EVO, basil, oreagno, and garlic powder.

Marinated without the tomatoes and onions they are too delicate for the Weber Gas.

5 minute sear for flavor.

After the sear, yumo.

Added the onions and tomatoes.

In the smoker at 230' for 45 minutes and will check them. I don't want a heavy smoke, so I am using Apple and Alder wood. At that time I will decide what to do next.

I am sooo Pissed, it took 40 minutes to up load the pics, and organize everything and when done I accidently closed AOL and lost it all. icon_evil.gif This is the second post and I am going to copy it before I click on anything. Need a quick shooter.icon_smile.gif

Ahh, I feel, better everyting is copied.

Ok, that's done.icon_smile.gif

Thanks everyone, for watching the QVIEW!

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Looks good so far.
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Hey Ron!
I can't wait to see your plated veggies....sounds like another great heavy equipment?biggrin.gif
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All those veggies are my favorites and is definitely on my list of things to smoke while the stuff is still fresh. Thanks for posting, ronp! Hope to see some finished pics!
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No heavy equipment needed Kelly.biggrin.gif

You are welcome, I'll post some pics as soon as the batteries are charged.
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Here is the finish.

Nice and juicy.

All stired together. Nice blend of flavors.

Still eating Capicola, YUM! If you like deli ham this is good, you can do it without the spices and have great deli ham.

Toasted rye and spicy mustard.

Made a great meal.

Funny thing is the veggies are still crispy. I thought they would turn to mush. Weird huh?

Thanks for watching, I may have another sammie tonight.

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Tasty looking Ron.
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Thanks, Scott.
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Looking Good

Don't dare show those Pictures to the warden since she"s a Vegetarion! I'll be doing that every nite! great job. At least you have pictures to show!I have a digital camera and got some nice pictures of the turkey but can't or don't know to post them! BIGBOBPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks, Bob. I would think you would want to bribe the warden, she may be easier on ya and cut you some slack from that rock pile!icon_evil.gif

As far as the pics there are some tutorials here.

I use this and is very easy as long as you can copy an paste.

No ads or complications.

Good luck!
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They sure did come out wonderful...your italian veggies have just been added to my to do list!!! That sammie on rye...looks darn tastey too!!
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Good job bro i tryed the recipe last night and turned out great must have been the Blow torch ,pipewench,..wishbone? hummm no hardware on this on this one..phillips or standard screwdrivers...bald peen hammer tendrizers...just jokeing ...ron ,smoke on ,without Qview it didnt
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Thanks kelly. Yes, the sammie was good, looks kinda sloppy though.icon_surprised.gif

Thanks Joe, glad it turned out for you.
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