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Is this to much for my smoker.

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I have the GSOM big block i plan on smoking three eight pound butts and two racks of baby backs. This is the most i have tried smoking at one time. I will be rubbing them down with jeffs rub, any advice will be greatley apreciated.
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As long as it all fits on the racks, I don't think it's too much. Might take a little longer to get to the done stage, but you should be fine.
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Like Bassman said if it will fit it shouldn't matter it may take a little longer. Keep a eye on it if it was me and they were in the danger zone to long you may want to pull some out. That's my 2 cents . Good luck
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The butts are going to be like a big heatsink. Watch your timing and temps on the butts and don't start the ribs to early if you want to eat everything at the same time. Also remember that the butts will probably not finish at the same time. I did two 8 lb butts last weekend and they finished over an hour apart.
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It wont be a problem if you manage it right. You will probably need separate thermometer probes for each butt. Also you will need a couple oven thermometers to put on different shelves to monitor smoker temps accurately. If you dont have those tools, then your results will be part skill/ part luck. Good luck and post some pics if you can.
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thank's for the help, i plan to start the butts at 4:00 am. They are rubbed and ready to go. I bought 6 accurite thermometers at lowes on clearance,
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just remember

temp probes do NOT werk on ribs...........those are more of a TIME thing.........
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Good luck Catman...
I am curious about the whole temp thing, really when is to much to much? please let us know how it rolls, there is a smoking log you can download, in the download might help ya to log whats going on for the next time...just my .02
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Seven hours in to the smoke. temps, 166, 162, 169. I just foiled them waiting on 200.
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The smoke went well, the butt that reached 165 first finished cooking last one hour and twenty minuets longer than the first butt that hit 200 degre. I used the 2-2-1 method on the ribs and Meowys sticky for the butts. The baked bean recipe from Dutch was a big hit. No Q-veiw this smoke still learning the ropes.
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