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Virginia Hillbilly checking in.

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Ben lurking around the site for a few months. I have a GOSM big block, first smoker.I have ben turning out decent ribs and butt thanks to everyone on this great forum.
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! GOSM smoker an a hillbilly ta boot! Only thin make it better is ifin yall move ta Iowa! Just kiddin! Ifin yall ain't done it yet, take the free 5 day ecoures, lots good info in there, snoop round the site, ifin ya don't find what yer lookin fer, just ask, lotta folks on here with a great knowledge of the craft an willin ta share with others.
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Welcome to SMGF. You can learn a lot here just by reading posts. Don't be afraid to ask questions and by all means don't forget the Qview!
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welcome to SMF-happy to have ya.
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welcome aboard,, where ya at in VA, I am in franklin county, the moonshine capitol of the world.
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Greetings Catman
Been to Alexandria just this year, great place! Are you smoking this w/e? Hope to see some q-vue!
Happy smokes!
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welcome to the smf!! as someone else said " if theres no qview then it didnt happen"
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Welcome Catman.
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Welcome to the forum catman!
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Welcome, Catman.
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I am in Norton, fifty miles from bristol. The KY state line is twenty miles.
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Welcome catman...great site and great people
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Welcome aboard!
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howdy and welcome
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Welcome, there is plenty info here.
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Welcome to the SMF Family, glad you joined us. Lots of good folk here to learn you more about smoke cookin.
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Welcome to the SMF famliy.
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