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Turkey fattie?

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Has anyone ever used ground turkey for fatties? I got a good deal on purdue sweet It. sausage chubs and also Breakfast sausage. I figure it was cheap enough I had to buy it, at least for practice. Also I'm having a hard time finding jalapenos, maybe because of the scandels over disease.
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I have done one with ground turkey, it was a little soft-kinda fell apart. Nest time I would mix it with a littl ground pork to hold it together. It stll tasted good though
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Ron50 is the turkey pro near as I can tell..and I believe he uses it alot. A tip: Knox unflavored gelatin in powered form can be used as a binder, use about a tablespoon, and mix in thoroughly. Egg can also be used. The pork suggestion is the most flavorful way to go however.
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Then added pork it is. Thanks to all who responded. But I wouldnt mind hearing from Ron also.
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I tried turkey last weekend. Stuffed it with Frank's wing sauce, cream cheese and onion and then soaked it in Franks to try to make a buffalo fatty. Was soft enough to where I laid it on a piece of foil in case she blew. Came out a little dry and not as good as hoped but it was decent.
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Yeah Ron50 is the one to talk with, He is on an alaskan cruise for awhile. Mods must get paid well LOL.
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