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We have a BIGFOOT here in Maine too! Occasionally, these creatures help me split wood, but I will say, they are not very good at identifying the hardwoods, like CHERRY? I taught one how to grill, but the big ***tard kept eating all my venison. Anyway, nice creatures, kind of moody, though?
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I hope it is real. I think it would be very cool.

And regarding the corpse and not finding them all over the place, I have yet to find a dead bald eagle around these parts, but I know we have them. I don't think that a body rotting in deep woods is something that people are likely to stumble upon often.
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I am a believer; what scares me is I have not seen WD log on today, does this beast that was found have a ponytail?
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retirement plans now ruined..

for sale: custom mauser 98, express sites, 100 rounds of .458 win. monolthic solids, I johny steward electronic caller with remote and several tapes of what we thought it sounded like. 3rd gen nite vision, female scents, one great monkey recipe from dark africa. and a huge spit and rottisiere..
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I think this guys is a nutball, screwball, wack job. Sorry I can't beleive. These things would be spotted lots of times if they were real. Better yet i like the fools who blow money searching and seem to find nothing. Must be tied to our government.
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"Bunny put her face in the water came up with a fish and said goony googoo"
Thanks for the good laugh SGPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Montauk Monster Retake.
(sorry, haven't read all posts, so if it's already up MY BAD! )

Prediction: in two weeks the "monster" is stolen or lost! OH NO!

OR as William Shakespeare said "much ado about nothing"

Either that or "a midsummer nights dream" !
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after these posts is best I keep my thoughts to myself.UFO's ain't here either huh?
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If they also put up Mermaids, Unicorns and Jackalopes THEN you would know for SURE that they were real! :)

Link's makes some pretty good jerky too BTW. (that was the serious note)
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I thought that you used Pecan for Bigfoot and Hickory for Yeti at one and a half hours per pound....

Oh well, I guess you do have to add time for frozen meat. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Example Jimmy Hoffa? ;{)
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There's a 20 ft Jackalope sitting on top of L&M's Used Car Lot's offfice on Camp Bowie, Ft. Worth - been there for 20 years or more... I'll have to take a pic and post it to prove it if it's in a good mood this afternoon... it's right up the street from the Mule Bar..
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Results Are In

Check out the following link to Reuters

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no one hs mentioned malpie monsters as yet..they are elusive.
and on several other forums that I was on years back. I busted the myth of not finding dead big foot bodys decomposing in the forest ect..they are cannnibals and eat their their dead..forest critters can eat the bones in a matter of a couple days and hide them..

but in all the fun we are having here.
I truly belive things on our planet are still eluding us. and in space..well, I have witnessed on two seperate occasions things flying that are unexplaneable. over 20 federal police officers working the grave yard shift in the canal zone saw early one morning a herd of space craft fly over and around a mt.
My limited times on our oceans.I have seen things that most folks would beleive to be a tall tale if I told them.
I am sure others have seen neat stuff and choose not to talk about it..
mostly the ones that don't talk are the ones that got probed.lol
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Bigfoot costume rental, $100.....

Duping the world media, priceless!
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Hey, Guys'Gals!

This was fun while it lasted.

And that is the difference between us and other forums...we can have fun!

Maybe we should start a separate forum just for the unbelievable and the paranormal.... Just a thought. One's mind can take a lot of turns between here and reality.

On second thought, nah!

But if something out of the usual does hit the mainstream media feel free to have a go at it here on the SMF!

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.. Texas style! At L&M Auto on Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Tx.
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Well who knows. I heard Elvis was alive and working at a bait shop in Mississippi cuttin bait! Maybe both are true. LOL
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Elvis is Bigfoot!

No, not mississippi, Maine, Elvis let his hair grow out and he is BIGFOOT!
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I heard Elvis and Bruce Lee were spotted living together as life partners in Hawaii
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