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BIGFOOT? What does everyone think?

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Just heard about this. what do you think??

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I think an hour per pound over hickory. biggrin.gif
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i would smoke with hickory @ 225* for 15-20 min per lb. or until an internal temp of 170* is reached. :)
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Consider a heavy duty marinade. That's GOTTA be some tough meat.
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I was wundering where my brother in law went...
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If you look at the link, the big guy is in a freezer. How would ya thaw-out 500 lbs of bigfoot meat??
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Just chunk it out..better smoke ring if it's a bit frozen. Longer cooking time is all!
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With a BIG

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AhhhhhHahahahahahaahahahahahahaahah! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now thats funny!! Its also funny how the smokingmeatforum members have the same sense of humor!!
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You guys are a riot!

Got me chuckling big time!

The thing in the freezer might just be an elaborate hoax. Then again it might not. I am calling out any and all members here who have real deep woods experience to weigh in.

Anything you say in this forum will not be held against you. And it might surprise some of the doubters just what their peers have to say!

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Well it certainly looks real to me, and I'm pretty sure I have one living in my barn (after dark), along with a chupacabra.
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I'm 6'2" wear a size 15 boot an kinda hairy? Better stay outa Georgia!

We will see what happens, don't know why there couldn't be some, usually these turn out ta be pranks. One these days though, somebody might actually find one. If it's alive, hope it can run an hide, life in a lab cage ain't gonna be fun fer it.
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Darn... I knew I should have bought a Big Block !! biggrin.gif
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On a more serious note. I have spent a bunch of my life in the woods chasing down various critters. Both day and night hunting.

I have never seen a bigfoot or anything that I thought could be. Now I have heard a couple of things that to this day I can't explain.

At the end of the day, I believe that if such a creature lived in the United States that someone would have killed one, or found a dead one by now. So until someone shows us a real one, I don't guess that I believe they exist.

So... I'm waiting to hear "the rest of the story" on this one.

Wouldn't it be cool though it it were real?
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Dingle, Leave it to a guy from 'Cuse.....any chance to play on the football team?
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Whats the big deal, I see a Bigfoot on those Jack Link's commercials all the time.

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I think it would be cool, my family always rides me because I want to see one. biggrin.gif
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All I have to say is Goony Google!
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I'm gonna keep this thread bumped.

I find the topic, a possible proof of a Bigfoot, fascinating.

There's a lot more wating to be said

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