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Grettings Nutzman!
Thank you for your service! thank you for sharing that flash back!
Like Laurel, I too am a JUNE BUG #88 fan who drives The National Guard car on Sundays and sometimes the Navy car on Sat. One of my favorite things about NASCAR is that it is the only sport that honors our armed services every race! Maybe we can recuit ya!! lol!!
Happy smokes, can't wait to see your q-vue!!
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Sumo: They're making a left turn!!! Man I can't stand NASCAR! Come back after a commercial and they're still making left turns! LMAO

Hey Nutz..glad to have join us at SMf. We respect all opinions here, But we shouldn't directly put down something you personally do not like. I personally am a big fan of NASCAR. If you don't like something try being a little more courteous. eg: (I am not a fan of NASCAR...but that's just my MHO) We are a family here and there are alot of different hobbies and pastimes that cover the entire world on this forum and we welcome all.

Again, Welcome Nutz, hope to hear more from you and looking forward to some good Q-View
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howdy nuts-good friend I met from the boat lift was Boon Ping Sisamamfu-(Laos) -police officer Had to leave-find his way here-became good friends-we tought each other alot. glad u found us welcome to the site.
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Welcome, glad to have ya
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That was more less a joke about nascar, a line from Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity Ventriliquist Comedian routine, one of his characters is Bubba Jay who says ALMOST the same line. I modified it here. I thought that was a given since I said LMAO at the end.

For those interested, here's the link to the slideshow of our homecoming, seeing them for the first time tonight as i write this, but here's a picture of me:

part of a complete slide show, and the following link is a second slide show.


We lost 4 over the course of a year, and there's a girl in our unit, if you see her name tag "Matheny" she lost her brother 2 days after spending a week with him, he was deployed 50 miles away from us.

Enjoy, I have yet to watch them completely.

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Nutzman: Nice pictures, my oldest son was in the 518th Guntruck Co. in Iraq. He will be redeployin some where in Nov 09. Thank you fer yer service.

Don't worry to much bout the NASCAR thin, I have been buddies with laurel (sumo) fer a bit an know she took no offense to it. Some folks just get a bit overzealous at times. Again, glad ta have ya!

An, Jeff Dunham is great!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I used to live in Lincoln, NE before moving to South Dakota for 11 years and finally back to Sedala, MO. Remember, When the Huskers lose a football game (which may not happen all that often some years) go out for supper in Lincoln, you won't have to stand in line. Enjoy the Runza'a and Valentino's pizza and think of me lost without them. If you are young enough go to the SideTrack on Friday night sometimes. Enjoy the Smoke Rings. Rich
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Welcome home troop!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Also welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Got a buddy.....His License plate says Viet-Neck, So ya I kinda know some.

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welcome nutzman...only thing i love more than smoked pork meat is PHO!!! favorite is pho dac biet....with the tripe and tendon in it!...i eat this atleast twice a month..if not i go into withdraws.. lol welcome back home also!
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Oh man, I feel so redneck. Being asian, Vietnamese more precisely and not even knowing a single Vietnamese meal, other than Pho Thai. Sounds like me and eatting Menudo, gotta eat it at least twice a month or I get really irritable.

Thinking about getting my plate to say Got Rice, not sure if the state will let that one go tho!
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Welcome to the forum Nutzman! Thanks for your service and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.

I'm another relocated Vietnamese guy. Not a full redneck, more of a deep rosy tan. icon_smile.gif

Pho is delicious and if you ever want ideas of other delicious dishes to try, or Vietnamese recipes, lemme know!
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Welcome to the smf....................Glad to have you here..................
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