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New Toy

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Let the addiction continue biggrin.gif . Picked up a WSM today. Got a pretty good deal on it so home it came. I was able to cook on one at a smoking class last weekend and was pretty impressed. I've been wanting something portable (my offset weighs 350lbs) and also something to cook on over the winter. The only covered area I have is the front porch and I'm not dragging the Brinkman up there. So............ who has one and did you do any mods to it? I know of the WSM site but wanted to ask around "home" before I spend too much time over there. Thanks.

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I know smokebuzz and Ron50 have the wsm, and I'm sure there are others.... buzz posted a thread tonight about the soon-to-be-released 22 1/2" wsm.....looks an awful lot like a well built drum smoker......biggrin.gif

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Are you sure you have a WSM??? cool.gif
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Yep, A WSM it is.
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good smoker, mine's chuggin away at 250 with two butts on.
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You suck. I would be prepping for tomorrow, but Sam's Club is out of stock on spare ribs and butts. AHHHH!
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I have a clay flower pot base over my water pan.......serves the same purpose as sand in the pan and my door is pretty well sealed shut to stop the air leaks. But I would say with a wsm you can pretty much run with no mods at all and be just fine.
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Thanks Joe, it looks like the only thing I really need is a thermo. Do you like the flower pot better than using water? Did you notice a difference in how the wsm cooks?

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Dave, i still don't think you have a WSM......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

By imn88fan
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LOL, I got ya now Bubba. Little slow on the take here I guess. I was wondering what the heck you meant in your first post. LMAO!! Just put it together yesterday. Can't wait to break it in. See, it really did happen biggrin.gif

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Congrads on the new smoker. Can't wait to see it in action.
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Nice looking unit you got there................
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I can't say.......I never used water. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Good choice on pick of a smoker NorthWET. I've had one for about a year, and after using the water pan with water about 4 times, and having problems getting rid of the greasy mess in the pan I switched over to a flower pot bottom in the stock pan with a double layer of foil over that. NO CLEANUP!! And temp control is just as good.
For mods, I put a nice 3" thermo in the lid, 2 BBQ Guru eyelets in the sides for probes and replaced the lower cooking grate with a new top grate. Fits better. This was out of necessity as the original grate either disappeared or somehow shrank in diameter so it no longer fit on the supports. I know that is not possible, but it happened. By the way the WSM is a great cooker, it's just so easy to use. Have fun!
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