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1st Butt....

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for pulled pork anyway. I have read every post I can find on pulled pork at least twice. I have tosse and turned and now here we go. I just put a 6# bone in roast in smoker about an hour ago. Slathered in mustard with a coating of Jeff's rb wich I have tweaked to my taste. Man I can't wait. I will add CS ribs later. Iknow they are the same but oh well I will season these diffirent. A couple fatties, one with Jeff's rub and no ingrediants for one daughter who likes them plain. The next one I will stugg with Pico de Mango. I have used this once before and it was good. I will be doing Dutch's beans also. That smoker is gonna be FULL! Oh well no need to fire up the washing machine for one pair of socks. Wish me luck!!biggrin.gif
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Good luck with the smoke cman, it all sounds wonderful. Looking forward to your Qview!
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can't wait to see the view!!!
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Hi Cman95... is your butt????
What's in you fatties?
What kind of wood are you using?
I won't be able to sleep tonight!! I hope we get some Q-VUe....(if its all gone before you can snap pix..I am sure its cuz your battieres died..)
Happy smokes!!
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sounds good brother can't wait for the q-view. good luck
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Well?? Bet it was good!
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A nicely finished butt can be a beautiful thing. Sounds like a major throwdown you had there. Hope you got some pics. If not will be waiting for the final report. :)
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Looking for some pics and the results. Hey, how did the socks come out?
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Can't wait for the Q-views? or just a really excellent narration, explanation, or dramatization, I am sure your stuffing yourself by now, well?
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Sounds like quite the ambitious smoke. I hope it all turned out great.
Would love to see some pics!cool.gif
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OK, Just got my internet back after a lighting strike at my neighbors on the 15th. Yes the smoke was great, q-view in a little while. I did have a problem with my pico de mango fatty (major blow-out) but it still was good. Pork butt....WOW...I am hooked
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Here we go!
Attachment 11339
Butt has been rubbed...just lucky I guess.

Attachment 11340
101 degrees at 14:30 hrs.

Attachment 11341
Pico de Mango filling.

Attachment 11342
Looking good..except fatty is blowing out.
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Here is picture of my plate. I really liked the pulled pork. Family really approved. I am going to be doing this again. The blow-out on the fatty is my fault. I really believe that I did not get a good seal when I rolled it. Oh well, just with the addition of the butt I think this smoke was a sucess. Oh, I used pecan wood with apple and maple added from time to time. Sprayed with apple juice about every 45 minutes
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Looks like a great smoke and congrats on the butt now that you've done one I'm sure there will be many more PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yummy, nice job!!
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