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Fatty you say

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Well I'm about to head up to camp and wanted some quick breakfasts and snacks well then wife said since your doing some then son in law said well since your doing some so heres what i did. Six breakfast fatties and seven pizza fatties nothing fancy. Breakfast have bacon, egg, green peppers, onions, and cheese. Pizza ones are pepperoni, green peppers, onions, sauce and cheese. Jeff's rub on all. Got a late start into smoker at 10 pm out about 1:30 am with hickory chunks for smoke.

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nice! i've always wondered what a bunch of fatties would look like lined up... neat.
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Nice Jerry, I guess I shamed you into posting your QVIEW, LOL.
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and there is 13 there not a one missin'
Nice q-vue PW!! well done :)
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darn piney, thats a bunch a fatties!!!!! great idea for camp!!!
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looks nice, have fun campin
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Excellent smoke.
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Is that whats reffered to as a sausage party? Ive heard of those. Good stuff.
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Ok it is raining here today so I had to try it

I must say its not bad tho I should have baked a little longer
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Lookin Good Jerry! I think I've got about another week of leftovers to go before I should smoke, unless I can remind momma how much she likes the fatties! But with her on a new super-strict diet........ Mebbe just make a mess for the men of the house!!
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your fat'es look simply devine sir. looks like they are fit for a king I mean a knight lol
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those look great Jerry-gound good also.
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Piney, that looks awesome! Have fun camping and take lots of pics for me!!
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Ah a fattie wellington at its best!
Looks so yummy!!!
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Looks good jerry have a good time camping...nice and smokey
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Looks great Jerry. as always. Have a great time at camp.
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GOOD GREIF Pineywoods! Great minds must think alike! Ive been thinking all week about trying pizza fatties in a blanket. looks
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