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Fast Cucumber Salad W/Qview

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Not a biggie, but easy in a pinch.

Prep time 5 minutes. I have been trying this on different things since the cole slaw I did last week.

I love cukes so I thought I would make some with the Vadalia Vinagerette dressing.

Just peel cukes and pour on the dressing, mix well, it's done. It already has the onions in the dressing, so no need to add unless you want to. If you have other things to add try it, would be good with some added tomatoes, but didn't have any.

Thanks for checking this out.
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Looks like another winner Ron. My granma made great creamed cukes and onions. They were a summertime favorite of mine. If I can find the dressing around here, I'm gonna have to get going on this and the slaw.
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cool ron!! another blast from the past.... i remember mother making these from scratch and serving with fresh dug baby potatoes!!!!! great dish!!!
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everyone remembers a form of cuke salad from their childhood... you have stirred lost memories!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Cuc salad

Grandpa's cucs, onions, and ranch. Just dropped off some from the garden to him on Sunday with the request for some. They don't cook too much these days but figured it was a good one for them. Dropped off a piece of smoke brisket while I was there.
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OH NO. not more cukes. For the last two weeks we have been picking 15 to 20 cukes a day and have a hard time giving them away. I think this year is the most cuke salads I have ever eaten. I made one yesterday with 3 sliced cukes 1/2 a small red onion sliced thin and 1 Tb. soy sauce or maggie's seasoning sauce along with a tsp seseme seed oil. They are slowing down now. I know I will miss them this winter.
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Thanks that dressing is very versatile.

Thanks eran, they are great!
I hope I stirred your memories as mine, makes me think back.

That should work.

I will too although I am not growing them, they will be expensive in off season I guess.
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