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Speaking of brining I have another question for the smartys here what is the difference between kosher salt, regular salt, sea salt, and pickling/canning salt.

Wow that alot of salts
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Kosher and canning are the same...with one BIG exception. Measuring. Canning salt measures the same as table, or "regular" salt. Kosher takes more room...the crystals are bigger and not uniform. I have heard increase VOLUME measurments.. EG: "tablespoon", "cup" by 1/3 to 1/2 when using Kosher.

And "regular" salt is not regular at all. It has added iodine, which will throw a brine all off kilter.

Sea salt is probably more the "regular" salt as it is just that. Evap'd seawater. It has many trace minerals, and I have never heard of any negatives in brining use, but I would be suspect of it in this capacity. Not only for mineral content, but the accurate measurment. Unless you use weights and not volumes, that is.
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