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anyone from ohio?

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Am I the only one around the Dayton area. I'm having a hard time finding fellow Brothers of the smoke around here. Everybody I know thinks the local chain is the best.I need to find new friends.
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I wish thee great fortune in thy quest!
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In Tiffin...

I'm up here in Tiffin, OH!! About 3 hours from Dayton if I remember correctly! I believe we are just about on opposite ends of the state!! There has to be someone on here from that area!!!
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I'm about an hour from ya.
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Hey, I am from Florida, but us Florida boys LOVE the Buckeyes biggrin.gifwink.gif
J/K, welcome aboard. Plenty of Ohio people on here.
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What do you mean by thaticon_evil.gif I think we could go undefeated this year, win the big 10 be ranked number one and they wouldnt let us play for the NT again.
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I think you should have every right if that happens, unless its against an SEC squad wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Hey here i am. From brown county about 35 miles east of Cincinnati. I have seen members from Waynesville, some from around the Mason, Middletown area. seems I remember there was one from the WP airbase area. Welcome to the family
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I am from Milford,Ohio- Xavier fan though.
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I'm in your general neighborhood, depending on where around Dayton You hail from. I live out by Caesar Creek Lake in Warren County.
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