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"We''ve had a lot of questions about why Diamond Plate Smokers builds the smokers so wide, instead of long and narrow like all the others on the market. Have you ever pulled a smoker that is 3'-4' wide? It bounces all over the highway and is extremely top heavy. This is a dangerous combination that could easily cause an accident. With Diamond Plate Smokers, you can easily and safely pull the smoker at normal driving speeds. Also, the firebox and cooking chamber on Diamond Plate Smokers are easy to reach. Plus, the tires on Diamond Plate Smokers are not to close to the firebox, thus they are not affected by the heat. The clearance on other designs allow the tires to get too hot and can cause premature failure."

quote from one of the smoker I said I don't own one. but it made sence to me. I am sure that any one can pull just about anything at 80-90 miles an hour. and make it to where they are going.
good luck with your choice..I personely think the sub looking langs look BOSS...
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In all fairness to Lang, his mobiles are about 5 feet wide and the firebox has heat shields welded to it to protect the wheels, its not an issue:-) I do believe that all of this boils down to personally what a person needs and wants out of a smoker. Research is the key to all this and of course, CASH!!
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I finally talked to Ben Lang. It would cost $500 just for delivery and that's sending it with another smoker. Lang makes very nice smokers and I really like them. I'm just not going to pay that much for delivery. It's not Ben's fault. That's just what the delivery company charges.

BTW, he said there will be a very noticeable price increase within about a week, so if you're going to buy one get it really soon.
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Hey you could always schedule to pick it up in Oct. and hit the gathering on your way home biggrin.gif
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Aren't you just 2 states away? Well, maybe w/gas mileage, its about the same?
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It would be about the same to drive to GA and back. I wish the Langs were closer.
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Keep checking your local craigs list--- people like us-crazy finatical smoker people will be wanting the new Langs and selling the old ones!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally like curves, not edges, but I will say thick steel is nice!!!
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Lang or DP

I just got my Lang this spring - from a recommendation from the good guys at SMF. Done about 12-15 big smokes with it - I am now getting a grip on it and feel invincible.

Ben is a builder, not a businessman - don't be surprised if he never calls you back. I have offered to rectify his customer service shortfalls by distributing his units for him - I am a businessman, he can build, I will take care of the details. Believe it or not, he never even got back to me on that - or a technical Q I had on my new unit.

I like Ben, but he needs a clone. I LOVE the cookers, so I still recommend them - and the price - I doubt you can do better.

My 84 Deluxe is a wood miser - I can do 5-6 hrs on 5 chunks of hickory - big chunks, split into "soda-can sized" logs. If it is windy, you will burn through the wood faster.

The Lang 84 tracks like a train. You aren't far, drop down and pick it up - he's not far and hey, you may hit a few rib joints on the way!

Good luck and pls let us know what you pick - whatever it is, you will love it and send us some pics!!!

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