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Wood choice for pulled pork

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First post here. Signed up after Flash and Abelman told me about this great forum on another site. I am pretty new to smoking.

I have done a couple pulled porks already using hickory and was very satisfied with the results. I have some applewood and pecan wood at home.

Would either the pecan or apple be a better choice than hickory? Should I try a combination?

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I'm using wood chips, so your mileage may vary if you use regular wood, but I've been really happy with about 2/3rd hickory and 1/3 mesquite. The mesquite seems to give it a little bite.
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try a combo with cherry or even cherry alone is great. you prob gonna get a bunch of different opinions here. i think the best is play around til you find a wood or combo you like.
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To each his own, but I personally like apple/pecan mixture on pork. Good luck.
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Wood choice is very inidvidual. Hickory is probably the strongest of the 3 you mention. Pecan in the middle with apple being the mildest. I prefer a hickory or hickory pecan mix for butts and ribs. Experiment and see what you like best. It's all good.
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Hia Chris Welcome to SMF. Be sure to stop into the Roll Call forum and give us an intro post: Experience, equipment, etc.

I like hickory and pecan on butts. Seems the butt can be a bit stronger of a cut..almost gamey sometimes, and the middling strong woods seem to deal with this well. I don't care for mesquite, but if you do, I'd suggest a little of that too perhaps.
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My experience with pulled pork is minimal but I know what I like on the grill with pork when it comes to wood. Apple being my first pick but it's likely good to add another wood when smoking a butt. Hickory worked well with apple for me a couple weeks ago. Have used cherry but not lately. While I really like mesquite for most meat, not so much for pork.

Pecan wood sounds like something I need to look into. Interesting thread. wink.gif

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I don't think you can go wrong with the hickory on pork. I would save the apple for chicken or fish. Some pecan might be good though.
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I use apple to start out on butts and then switch to hickory at about 1 hour in. I think the apple gives it a sweet smokey flavor.
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what E said, i like cherry with hickory 2/1 ratio 2 hunks cherry to 1 hunk of hickory...
welcome and happy smokes!
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Hickory. Hick is king.
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I like a hickory/pecan or hickory/cherry on my PP. Usually ratio around 1 to 2 respectively.
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Personally, I like the apple and use it all the way through. The mesquite seems to be a bit much and the family doen't like it as much. It still seems to get eaten though. I might see if I can hunt down some pecan.
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