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London Broil Res-Q

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Came home from work yesterday and the wife says shes in the mood for some vegetable beef soup since local produce is as good as it gets right now. She pulls out a hunk of beef from the store and it is a 2 1/2 lb Top Round London Broil. I said noooooooooooooooo! Not with that. I quickly moved thru the kitchen like a fox and had in a red wine, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, basil, dijon mustard, chive, cbp marinade before she could say "stock pot".

I've never used this cut before for London Broil as I've always used flank. This will be Thursday nights dinner and will include Res-Qview. I think this looks like a good candidate for the Weber with offset lump.
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i have done 2 london broils and i am just overall unhappy with the meat. amybe its just me.
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about the same here
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I Dunno...

I have never been a fan of top round london broil. If you want a great london broil getcha some tri-tip. Give the ol' tbs until internal temp hits 130, foil for 1/2 hr in cooler. Will be perfect medium rare with a great beef flavor.

I use top round for soups and stews, just to dang tough to grill. You may have better luck low n slow with it. I just dont care for the cut much myself. YMMV.
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Hmm. Interesting comments. Seems I've seen a lot of people on here raving about this cut for London Broil. I've only used flank steak in the past and thought maybe I've been missing out on something. Oh well, I'll report on it tomorrow. My plan is to smoke it on the Weber Kettle with off set lump and hickory low and slow but only to a medium degree of doneness. Top round is a cut usually served medium/medium rare in roast beef houses so It shouldn't be too awful.
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I've done both cuts and honestly don't find much difference if any. I do them both the same way pretty much. Here are some details:
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My preference is for flank steak too rather than a top-round cut. When ever the grandkids come to visit, they always want Pop-Pop steak icon_smile.gif . How can I say no?
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Im with ya on the tri-tip. Its absolutely amazing. However, the smoker just doesn't do that cut of meat any justice. Marinade with red wine vinegar, garlic salt, worshteshire, salt, pepper, onion powder, cumin and olive oil and toss that baby on a hot grill. Cook till 135 and then let it sit for 20 minutes. This is truly one of lifes great treats. I do believe im going to head down to the store and pick one up right now!
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I can't wait to see how your RES-Q comes out....I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is YUMMY!
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Well I'm afraid that I must join the "unimpressed" crowd on this cut of beef as it relates to smoking. It marinated for 5 days as I couldn't get to it when I planned. So I brought it up nort to the cabin and was inspired by Cowgirls campfire smokes so I put in on the tripod over a nice bed of oak coals.

Cooked for about an hour to a medium/medium rare doneness. Sliced it up but didn't bother with anymore pics. It wasn't tough or dry. Just did not have the flavor I'm used to with flank. I brought the left overs home, foiled and continued to cook it until it pulled. Mixed with finishing sauce and ate on a bun. Was ok but nothing to get excited about.

Live and learn I guess.
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And mama never got her soup, shame on you......
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Actually I had to make her cream of aspargus soup for stealing her beef. That is her favorite!
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Ohhhh, now that sounds pretty good!! Great trade!! cool.gif
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London Broil has become one of my favorite smokes, thanks to Abelman. I've used both cuts, too, and can't tell a difference. I use Dales to soak mine out of the fridge for an hour, to bring to room temp, sear quickly, then to the smoke. Foil and rest 30 minutes, slice diagonal and thin, and it's hard to beat. Medium rare only. We made steak fajitas with them and they were incredible. Sorry it didn't work out for you, but I look forward to the Wednesday sales papers from the local grocers to find them on sale so I can stock up the freezer.
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