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Overnighter honey and maple cured side bacon

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Hey gang , had some bacon curing in Hi Mountain Buckboard cure , one 11 lb done with the cure and a small bottle of pure maple syrup and a 9 pounder done with same cure and a small bottle of pure honey .
I cured the bellies for 7 days and this afternoon put them in front of a fan to dry and form the pellicle for the smoke to adhere to.
It is raining here today , so I set-up a tarp over my MES and cold smoke box and gonna try for at least 20 hrs of hickory and sugar maple smoke .I have some cold refreshments and a few tunes ( Thoroughgood , Fleetwood Mac and the Boss as well as some ACDC ) to keep me going .
Here’s a couple pics at the start …. More to follow of the finished products in a day or 2
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Tim, if you didn't live so far away, I'd be right over to help ya watch it. lol

Looks awesome so far!
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Looks and sounds great can't wait for more Qview
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I like the rig ya got setup to handle the elements! Bacon looks really good hanging on those racks. Awaiting (with the others) for more qvue!
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Well , still chugging along into hour 22 of this smoke , rain has stopped and the sun is out icon_smile.gif .
All has been goin great , avg temp in the cold smoke box has been about 85 * , and managed to get about 5 hrs sleep on and off thru the night .Still have lots O refreshments and more time , so I may see if I can break my personal record of 26 hrs rolleyes.gif ... finished pics later , smoke on my friends !!
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You go T-Bone!! Cant wait for more pics
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It looks good enough to try a slice now. Man I gotta try the bellies one day soon.
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Heh... that is dedication! Last <first> belly I did I broke it up over a couple days... don't know if quality suffered for that, but it was better than anything I have ever bought.
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man, looks like you are going to be in for some excellent breakfast vittles.
the coyotes are startin to leave their dens around these parts.(slowly) at least a 30# male was cruising around my shack day before yesterday morning. I could not leave that outside for any length of time unattended.
I will talk to that ole boy later on though.
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new pics

Well , I finished up after a 28 hour session , end results are some extremely smokey bacon , with a subtle sweet taste from the honey cured and a little nicer sweet flavor from the maple cured ( my fav ) , everything went well .

I brought out the slicer and went to work slicing and packaging the bacon after letting it hang in the fridge for 2 days to firm up , the first pic is of the bacon hanging in the fridge , then chunked up to slice and then vac packed , sorry the pics are a little blurry .

If you still have not tried making homemade bacon , you are missing out on some fine stuff .... gotta give it a try ! ... everytime I make it , I wonder why I let myself run out eek.gif .
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Ditto here... fine looking belly there T-Bone! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks excellent T-Bone! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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All you need now are the eggs. Great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Something i really need to try
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looks real good Tim-pretty site it hanging -and U let yourself run out??
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