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Cherry reporting for duty

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hey guys/gals i'm a misplaced southern boy hanging out in PA. I'm a long time griller and wanting to get started making some smoke. I mainly interested in charcoal and don't plan on feeding the masses.I'm thinking a el cheapo to start me out( i'm married and gotta convince the wife with some fine vitals first).
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David welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. You'll find lots of great info and recipes here. Be sure to sign up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse its got some great info and its free. Have fun and happy smoking
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Greetings from out west !!
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Welcome taterdavid, glad to have you here!smile.gif
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Glad to have ya with us, Taterdavid! I'm originally from PA myself and am in FL. Maybe we should switch spots as I'm a northern girl by heart! cool.gif
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Brinkman Gourmet, with modifying info found here, is JUST your ticket..........50-60 bux............been turning out GREAT bbq from ecb's ( what we call the el cheapo brinkman around here)........several of us use em, and they turn out GREAT bbq........ i have done briskets, butts, abts, bacon cheese burgers, smoked shrooms, shrimp, fish, meatloaf, cheese, burrito's, salt, brats, hotdogs, etc etc etc.

oh btw.........welcome
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thats funny, i loved florida and can't wait to get back someday.

i signed up for the e class and the news letter, and been doing lots of reading and drooling.
post #8 of 13 me with any questions............
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thats the one i been looking at.i like ta tinker with stuff so the mods should be pretty only ??? is the gourmet model the one to get there is a cheaper one, but it looks like the base is different.
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trust me, you want the gourmet can lift off the body to better access the fire pan, to stir the coals and add wood CHUNKS to the chip box.....

a link to the mods i have done

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Welcome Tater.
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i was leaning toward the gourmet since the pan looks easier to modify,

thanks for the welcome and all the info avalible here
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welcome tater,lots of good info here glad to have ya.
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