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Boneless Rib Roast

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Last week I picked up a nice rib roast from the butcher while getting this weeks grub. This is gonna be a tastey one. I'm smoking it slightly with intermittant additions of mesquite. Not too much though, just looking for a hint of the mesquite flavor.

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MMMmmm-looks like a nice roast Dan. Looking forward to the finished q-view.
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Wow..that's a purty hunk-o-meat there Dan! Yummmmy!
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you gonna love it!!!! catch all the drippings and when you foil it alot more drippings will be waiting for you after it rests. capture all these for au jus. let cool in frig and take off fat which will rise and save the liquid gold for serving with the slices!!!
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Almost forgot the pan... Thanks..

Two hours in and after the first wiffs of smoke. Man, mommas gonna love this one...

Temps are running pretty good so far with a internal temp of just under 120 and a target temp of 143.

Sorry bout the photo size but I think this sucker merits some high def. biggrin.gif

While at the home improvement store I picked up some unused quart paint cans and extra lids. I seasoned one out poked a few holes in the top and it seems to let out just enough smoke. Some cans burn and I can't really see much smoke at all, just a faint blue hue. Works out really well for me.
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perfect pic size dan, none a those messy links or tinys. this is qview dude!!!!
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Please don't take that beautiful piece of meat that high!!!
Stop at 130, foil and slice, then grill for a second if you ned it a lil more dead!!
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Relax...it's all under control now..biggrin.gif

After consulting with erain he brought me up to speed and it's out and resting. I pulled it at 136deg. She's wrapped up now at waiting for supper. Yeah, the wife likes it good & dead, myself, I'll be diving toward the deep pink middle... It sure seems to have gotten done quick. Here she is before the foil.

Dang!!! That was close! I almost let my meat loaf....eek.gif
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Lookin good there Dan. I musta been gone when ya called for the invite to dinnerPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif .

I know you aint gonna go without a cut pic, are ya now?PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Go where? hehehe... Man I been callin and callin.... Time to eat! biggrin.gif

Wife is just finishing the salad for an early afternoon dinner... Mmmmm

A bit rare for her she says but I can fix that... It was pretty much med rare all the way through. I did maintain only a 250ish cook temp though so no crispies on this one...

I scored a 300 gal propane tank yesterday... Only about 100 more days (or next summer to all you rebels) til I can gradiate to a Mighty Monster...biggrin.gif
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OMG! That looks waaay to good! I got the shakes just looking at it. Nice job!
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that is a wonderful piece o meat,, you and erain are makin me want to go get one of those
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MMMM mmmmm

Man that ain't right, here I am working a lil OT and munching a granola bar and I stumble upon this?? Good work. Thank God I'm on vacation next week and have a pork butt and brisket in the freezer!
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I'd still feel a bit lacking - not that it'll not be good..but it can't be THAT!
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man.................i gotta save up my cans to smoke another prime rib.......

mitey fine there Dan..........POINTS ! ! ! !
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btw............you put a rub or a GLAZE on that puppy?
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LOLOL....btw.......how big WAS that nice peice of meat?
weight wise?
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Great looking smoke, that looked absolutely delicious!!!
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Weight was right above 8lbs. No rub no injection no glaze just a little apple juice spritz on checks. I used about two or three single handfulls of mesquite through the whole roast.
Sliced her up, a lil salt & pepper to taste and put the double gobble on it.. I like extra hot horsey sauce myself.

Thanks for the comps guys and glad you like the pics.
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What no pix??? Dang I was all ready for a major drool session!
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