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ND non smoker!

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I borrowed my Dad my Big Chief, he used too small/long of an extension and said it didnt get hot enough to smoke his fish then stored it under his rabbit cages for a few months so we threw it out. That was 2 years ago, I moved out to a Farm in ND and have been smoke free since.
I got the wild hair to convert an old 1950s fridge but I didnt replce the old weatherstripping and it looked yellowish toxic the first time!
Now all I have is an old Chrarcoal Brinkman I have put a 1200w element in. It seems to do ok But it is hard to swap racks when hot and you loose all the heat.

I have done some smoking in the past and want to get to be well rounded in all meats, fish, turkey, Im even going to try corn now!

It is to bad this is getting to be such an expensive hobby with the price of meat... I just ruined $14 in jerky last week!

Thanks for all the help and may the SMOKE BE WITH YOU!
Rod B
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Welcome rod ! Lota of great info here and ussually quick responses to any question you have . Seems your post may have slipped thru da cracks somehow but this should bump it up and give others a chance to say hi. Happy smokin !!
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Rod welcome to SMF you'll find lots of info here. There are lots of great recipes too. Have fun and happy smoking
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Glad to have you aboard Rod!
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Hope you enjoy learning to smoke, lots of info here.
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Welcome to SMF, Rod! It only becomes expensive when you have to throw it out! Look at it this way. You have to eat anyway, so might as well be smoked. Good luck.
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Welcome Rod B. Neat place here.
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Actually, ifin ya look at the price of say pork butts er brisket, the price per pound is far less then the higher grade cuts a meat an the taste is far better! Plus ya can freeze leftovers fer later, ya generally don't do that with a steak!

Get yerself a nice smoker an jump in with both feet! Most enjoyable craft ta learn an ya done found the right spot fer any hep ya need!

So, welcome aboard, glad ta have ya!
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welcome rod, may your smoke be blue and thin.
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welcome to smf!!! ck out the free ecourse. cant wit till u get a smoker and start the qview flowing!!!!
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Hey Rod, welcome to the SMF!!
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