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Sayin hi from Saskatchewan

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Hello all I finally got a chance to post something. I discovered this forum quite by accident this past wekend when I was building my fridge smoker. This thing is my first smoker and I built it with stuff I had around the house and is powered by a 1000W hot plate . Not very scientific but the smoked deer roast we had on Sunday was really good. A couple mods needed, the only plastic in the fridge was on the door so I ripped it out and pulled the insulation but found the door acted like a huge heat sink, I had a hard time keeping temps over 190, so now I'm hunting for sheet metal to reinsulate the door. Not in a huge rush for now it will just be longer smoking times but I want to have it done before the winter. Winter's up here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan get really cold but the way we eat jerky, previously dried in the oven my smoker will be used year round. Anyway I'm babbling on so I'm gonna go, thanks for a great forum, I picked up a lot of info from it so far.....
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Welcome to the SMF. There are planty of great ideas on smokes, Q's, and grilling too. So enjoy my friend.
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Welcome to SMF Tommiegunnz icon_smile.gif Found a great place here you did PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Amazing to me , the locations in Canada I see posted here. My Mum was born in Sask . dust made them move to Ont. a few years later they moved back and more dust so they returned to Ont. and stayed there. A great uncle though kept his place in Saskatoon and I got to visit it once as a lil kid . But remember half a dozen combines going over the horizon around noon and returning about dark- thirty from their one pass. And a big dinner for all that helped out. The neighbors would gang up and do one farm at a time and help each other out. cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif
Half a dozen aunts and uncles , 15 cousins , and they span from PEI to B.C. with their families now .biggrin.gif

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Yeah you see alot of that going on in the farm land here everybody helps each other out, kinda nice to see. Now if we can only get that instilled in the city too.....
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Hello and welcome to SMF Tommie! yeah, you lost ALOT of insulation value tearing out the door guts, but like ya said, a metal skin, and perhaps a bit of insulation back in and you'll be fine!

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Yeah its a 4 ft door, so to compensate I put in two big fireblock bricks to bring the heat source up closer to the meat it worked for now, but I'll need to replace it by winter. Oh well live and learn I just didn't want that 4ft plastic wall sounded like a recipe for disaster, lol
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wellcome to smf tommie!!!! i was up in manatoba and had some jelly for breakfast on toast. asked the gal what it was and she tol me it was saskatoon berry jelly. u got those berries up there??? anyway great site, ck out the free ecourse. jeffs rub n sauce are all they say there supposed to be. any questions feel free and cant wait to see some qview from your smoker!!!
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Welcome to the forum Gunnz! Lotsa fun here. Stick around and enjoy!!
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Post some pics of your smoker sounds interesting. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to the forum tommiegunnz! Would love to see a pic of your smoker.
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welcom tommie, smoke on dude love jerkey.
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I love those Saskatoon Berries, my mom makes the best Saskatoon Berry pie....... ooooooo that would go great with smoked turkey on Thanksgiving (that sounds like a great idea I'll have to call her after I'm off the computer), will get some pics up as soon as I have my camera working again, the lens got all screwy on vacation :(
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Welcome TGuunnz
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Greetings Tommiegunnuz,
I can't wait to see your Q-VUE...what is a Sasakatoon berry?
Are they sweet? tart? big? little?
I have never heard of exciting! a new foodie I have to look forward to trying...I continued to be amazed by this forum and its wonderful peeps....
Happy smokes
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welcome gunz-I Bet your winters are a lil diff than here in arizona.
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