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Salt Potatoes

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These originated in Syracuse NY, (Salt City) made famous by Hinderwadel's. Basically it's just 4 lbs. of small white potatoes (red will work too) that are 1 1/2" or so plus 1 lb. of salt. Boil your water with the salt, then drop in potatoes and boil until tender, skin on and all. Drain, and they'll have a whitish coating from the salt. Split and butter and pepper and you've got a dish of wonderful spuds!
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I love salt potatoes. Any leftovers will make killer home fries!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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we had a neighbor for about a year that made these things, he was from somwhere in newyork but said he could'nt hack the country, so he moved.
we would eat them whole

thanks for remindin me
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Didn't know that they were a local thing , thought everyone new about Salt Potatoes PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
And yes , We got so much that we spread it on the roads in the winter. Only takes a few years here for a car to start rusting out PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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Hinderwadels is within crawling distance of mi casa! Actually have probly crawled home from a few of their famous clam bakes a time or two. Love those salt potatos. Not many outdoor grilling/smoking events happening without salt potatos.
1894.....I have many cars that resemble the ole rust buckets!!
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Pops - I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this post. A good friend of mine that lived in Syracuse brought me back a bag of salt potatoes one year and they were fantastic!! I've tried to duplicate with little red potatoes but maybe didn't have enough salt. Thanks for providing the salt measurement, I'm definitely going to try these again!!
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Thank you for the recipe Pops!
DINGLE was telling me about these things the other day. I had never heard of them. Will definately give these a try.
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Like 1894 I was not aware that these were local to our area. I hafta chuckle when people (Cowgirl) have never heard of them. I know there are a lot of things I have never heard of either(like cow fries!)
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DINGLE...cows do not have fries....bulls do.biggrin.gif Sorry, couldn't resist! lol
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That one hurt! Nice one Cowgirl
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I'm sorry!!!
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Its all good ;-)!
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Sounds interesting, I will try this. THANKS FOR THE RECIPE.............
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Hey Pops... I assume Kosher or sea salt? Or does it matter? Sounds really good! Sigh..I like my salt too much.
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Thanks! I'll definately try em.

These are good too!

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Mmmm, those sound good too V, thanks!!
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Real cute Phil!
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Any kinda salt you want will do just fine! Hinderwadel's always included a polybag of 1lb. of regular table salt, but I usually use Kosher myself, it's sweeter. Tried Kosher in my chicken breading and it gave it a speckled look outta the deepfry.. like little salt explosions all over it! I liked it but the wife didn't.
....(never did it again.. haha)
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goin' on 37 years of marraige on two little words...

"Yes Dear"...
(Nope, not "I do.." hahah!)
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