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Thanks for having me

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I have had some success with a ECB and I stepped up to a Weston 36" vertical. I am looking forward to all you pro's to help me get going in the right direction.
I live outside of Chicago and do some of my best cooking in snow storms.

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Hey Marko, welcome!
lots of great info here, check out Jeff's e-course and sign up for his news letter!
Happy smokes
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Welcome Marko ! Check out the free 5 day coarse to get ya on yer way to even better smokes.Snow smokin eh ? Wont be the only one here doin that but not gonna happen where I'm at !
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welcome to smf!!!! the ecourse is good thing and so is jeffs rub n sauce. cant wait to see sme of your qview!!!!
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Welcome Marko.
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Welcome to SMF Marko- from the snowy state of Michigan. Snow can be tough on temps, but there's ways to beat it! A quick word of advice: Keep the smoke Thin and Blue! Good to have ya and enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF! Snow smoking isn't too bad. Hopefully you have a wind break to protect your smoker! You will get all the help you could ask for on this forum. Remember to post Qview of your smokes.
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of good folk here to help you out. Ask all the questions you want some one will be along with your answer
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Marko welcome to the BEST site on the web. There are tons of people here bitting at the bits to help ya at anytime a problem arises. They are a great bunch of people here and gald you are here....
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