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80 lbs of Pork butt for $90.00

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Is this a good deal on a case?

my brother in law works at a restaraunt and is somekind of manager/cook.
yesterday he told me that he could get me 80 lbs. for $90.00, I know that i cant beat that at sams buying one, but is that a good deal on a case or should I talk to sams about getting a case from them.
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Less than a buck an LB for good meat is a good deal. Dunno if ya can beat it...but if it's easy and guarenteed- buy it.
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Krusher , anything less than $ 1.00/lb is a great price , as long as their not those seasoned ones some places sell .... IMHO ... in my part of the world I'm lucky to find them $ 1.49/lb .... usually their more like $ 1.99/lb and that's on sale icon_evil.gif
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HIGH Five to you brother!
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Holy Cow. I mean Pork. if you got the money, grab it.
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Grab um while you can at that pricePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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usually 1.79 here but they have gone on sale for .89 a lb a few months back
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That's a steal if they are legit, grab em.
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That is a good I'd take it...Hmmm...don't that equate to $1.125 lb?
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I just had to look at the $/lb again too. Still ALLOT cheaper then we pay!!
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Yeah you guys better check your math, it should figure to about $1.12/#, which isn't too bad but I would think for buying that much you should be able to get a lil cheaper, I have seen it on sale for .99/# without the quantity.
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I get em at my butcher for less than ya can at sam's club, but I would say that that is a pretty nice price per pound, especially if it is constant. Case price should be somewhere between $1.29- $1.49 right now.
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Last time I bought a case of butts at Sams club it was $1.33 lbs.
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He** if they aren't legit, grab them, watch you your back and run........icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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Sounds like a good deal... hope you have room to store it. If not, call me.
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he said it would be a steady type thing, he said he is always talkin about what I smoke and how good it is and that they should do it. He said that saturday nite the owners wife gave him a copy of the price list from the foodservice company that they use. It had ribs , butts, and lots of other stuff on it. Of course, he said it did,nt have brisket on it,looks like my quest for a brisket will continue.
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Yep... guess I was dyslexic! Ah well... it's still a great price assuming the meat is as fresh as the store can get it. And un-messed with too... no trimming, etc. which I prefer to do myself.
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Sounds good to me, I pay $2.49 for butts at the local Kroger store.
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Sounds good to me. I usually pay $1.82 at Wal Mart, so $1.12 is about 39% off so you will save about $56.
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