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Fatty Mayday

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OK, my first attempt at a fatty and i think I went a little overboard. I spread my sausage out about an inch thick a little bigger than a plate and put pizza sauce, cheese, onions, peppers, and peperonis on it. Well, when I started rolling it is where I thought I may have a problem.

It turned out huge, about 4" in diameter and a little better than a foot long. I'm afraid if I put it on the grill unrestrained it's gonna bust. Its that full.

What if I were to wrap it in foil for the first hour or so, then after it firms up a bit try to un-wrap it out onto the grill. At the very least I think I should use a pan so it doesn't explode all over my grill..
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I think I would put it in a foil pan or some HD foil. Don't think I would close it up though. I would think the steam would keep it from setting up. Either way I bet it comes out tasty.
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Having had my share of bursting fatty's...especially the soft turkey ones...
I make a "boat" out of HD foil, roll the fatty onto it and place that on the smoker grill. It works great. I'll see if I have a pic of one.
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I can do that,,, Thanks.

A four lb fatty, sheesh,, what was I thinkin????

Where you at in So. Cal.?
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Orange County...South of LA, north of San Diego
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It will lose a little weight while smoking. It will lose a lot more when you start eating it. Just make sure your tongue doesnt knock out your teeth gettin to it.
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