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Cleaning a GOSM

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After about a year, the inside of my GOSM is getting a nice crust inside -- probably a combo of grease, creosote, apple juice and other assorted mopping material, rub crust, etc.

How often do y'all clean your smokers? Do I risk doing any damage to the propane burner if if clean the cabinet walls (not the burner or anything near it) with a pressure washer? Or does it even matter?

Sometimes, I'm tempted just to leave it. That way I can swipe my finger inside it on my way to work and get a morning smoke/creosote/cancer fix.
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I vote clean it..sounds pretty funky from your description..I would (and do) take the burner apart and try and make it better then new. put new stainless steel nuts, bolts, screw ect. when she is clean do a dry run to ensure all is well and she will be reseasoned and ready to smoke..
happy smoke to ya..
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I've had mine for about 4 years. I clean the grease out of the bottom with a putty knife after I see a build up. Don't want a grease fire. Then about once a year I take all the shelves, water pan, fire box and fire box stand and give it a good power washing.
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I wipe mine down after each smoke, not a scrubbing. If you have gone too long without cleaning the cabinet, go ahead and use the pressure washer and be sure to season it real soon afterwards. Wrap the burner with plastic and a rubber band. I clean it and around it once a month with a wet/dry vac.
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I clean the grates and water pan. Sweep it out. That's it.
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Personally, I would clean the bottom with a putty knife ta keep the grease to a minimum, as fer the walls, I'd leave em alone unless it is alota grease which would be odd, the grease should head towards the bottom. Kinda like cleanin a commercial popcorn popper, they'll skin ya alive fer doin that, I beleive it is more of a seasonin then anythin, unless a course sumtins growin on it.

I would clean the burner ifin its gettin gunked up, keep them holes open an clean. Otherwise, I'd clean the grates, I cover my water pan with foil each time, so ain't much ta clean up there.

Just my two coppers worth.
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