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Midwest BBQ & Blues Throwdown

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Stop #2 of the Michigan trifecta.
RSS BBQ will be rolling in Friday morning, anybody up for a potluck dinner Friday night?
Anybody not competing want to come by Friday evening for refreshments and some good BBQ, stop in and say hello! biggrin.gif
This will be held at the Genessee county fairgrounds in Mt Morris, Mi.
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Bubba -- I told ya I can't make it up to socialize. Original plan was that Buck Wheezer and I were going to at least drive up early Sat before the chaos of turn-in time. But that won't work due to family commitments. (my wife is going out of town)

However, Buck Wheezer is coming over on Sat and we will be smoking several things. (I want to do a brisket or a chuck roll!)

Good Luck to the RSS team. (and others on here there and other places)
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Good luck at the Competition!
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Bump! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Thanks bro!

Nobody wants to come by for a beverage?? icon_cry.gif
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Wants to, isn't the problem. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Good luck!
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Give them hell
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Thanks guys, leaving in the morning.
Joe, i'll finally answer that pork question you had after Sat!! cool.gif
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I look forward to hearing the results..........good luck.
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I'll probably swing by on my way to work ... I think.

Good luck Bubba
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Good luck! I'd swing by if I lived several miles closer.
Take lots of pics for us, please!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Hey Bubba, knock em dead. I wanted to come and compete in this event, but I just couldn't afford it this time. If anyone needs a hand just pm me, I would love to come and help, either friday night or sat am.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Best of luck!!

Best of luck!! Can't wait for some pics and some stories!
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I may be dumb..........NO COMMENTS!........ But it took me 25 minutes to find the stupid address so I can meat (there's a pun) my teammates...The Smokin Scotsmen! Seen very .......bad sites.....but no address for the acutal event!

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bbq bubba
Good luck to ya and git'r dun !!!
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AINT THAT SOME S**T! I went through there Thursday afternoon, and didnt have any type of a schedule to keep, but its too late now. (400 miles away) I guess that ill have to read a lil more in the future. Hope ya smoke the compitetion!! icon_sad.gificon_exclaim.gif
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Wood to ya B! LOTS!
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Just an update....
2nd place chicken
3rd place pork!
12th overall with 30 teams. biggrin.gif
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Congrads, I am not sure what all is involved in competing, but I am sure it is alot of work. One day, I'll get a chance to swing by one these events if close to me and see what it is all about.
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9th overall.... sorry Bubba PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif HUGE Congrats to ya dude! Hope the wood is good to ya!

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